Poor Slugger….

I’m pretty technologically deficient, to say the least.  I had no clue WordPress kept drafts!  Turns out, I’ve got 102 of them.  Who knew?

Anyway, from the annals of Tales of Run A Muck Ranch, stories written but never published, I give you this from June, 2014:

Cue flashback music……



Crabby took Morty and Slugger for a Boys’ Weekend in the cool pines in Northern Arizona.

I had to work today, so I wasn’t home when the menfolk and Slugger (he’ll never grow up) returned.

When I did get home, I found Slugger, in a condition I had never seen him in before, not even when he was plucked from the pound, mange and all.

His face, it was downcast.  His movement, slow.  His tail, not wagging.  I swear he lost weight.

Turns out,  the terrain in and around the campsite Crabby picked out was a wee bit more harsh than anticipated.  Morty can scale vertical walls all day without a break.  Slugger, he prefers soft ground, on no more than a 1% grade, with frequent stops.

Three of Crabby’s friends  also camped with the boys.  Unfortunately, when it came time to explore, none would stick to soft ground, on no more than a 1% grade, with frequent stops.

The result:

One exhausted Slugger.


What you are looking at is one pretty tired Slugger, so tired, he can't even eat the french fry placed in front of his nose.   For the record, Crabby has been grilled and chastised at length over the scrathes I found on Slug's groin area.  Crabby said the undergowth, like the terrain, was a little harsher than anticipated.  If you asked me, Crabby should have carried Slugger.
What you are looking at is one pretty tired Slugger, so tired, he can’t even eat the french fry placed in front of his nose.

Crabby has been chastised at length over Slugger’s condition, including the scratches on his (Slugger’s, not Crabby’s) groin area.  Crabby said the undergrowth, like the terrain, was harsher than anticipated.  If you ask me, Crabby should have carried poor Slug!

Since returning home, and under the care of his Mom, Slugger has been rehabilitated with lap time, fresh home made food, and a nap with mom.  Though still not moving very fast, and more prone to sleeping rather than playing, the tail is wagging again.

In the future, I think it best if Morty and Crabby leave Slugger behind.  He’s a Momma’s Boy not a Mountain Man.



Cue return to present music…..

Slugger has gone camping since that traumatic experience, but his participation has been limited to those excursions that involve fishing and other stationary activities, more to Slugger’s mental and physical abilities, and his liking 🙂



8 thoughts on “Poor Slugger….

    1. I remember back then I was wondering if we should rush him to the emergency room. ANY dog not willing to pounce on a french fry is cause to worry!

  1. Oh, sweet Slugger does look exhausted. Glad you were able to get him all taken care of and back in shape. The camping picture looks like the kind of camping I would prefer and they look so sweet napping on their beds in front of the tent. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Poor Slugger. Very cute photo especially with the fry. Yeah, WP is your special helper. I often start a post and then hit a brick wall which is ok if I go back and finish it. Sometimes when I do, I think WTH, where was I going with THAT one? Thank heavens there’s a delete button. Now, if only they could keep me from editing posts 512 times before posting. Sigh. 😉

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