Moving on

I have received several e-mails asking that I continue blogging.  I can’t do it.  Since my negligence in May, it’s only gotten worse.

We lost Gertie in June, not due to her age, but from ongoing complications of a leg abscess that wouldn’t heal.

We lost Angus in July.  He didn’t eat his dinner on a Sunday.  That Monday x-rays showed a tumor in his abdomen and another against one of his lungs.  While the abdominal tumor was operable, and Angus was healthy enough for surgery, the one against his lung wasn’t. 23 days later we had to say goodbye.   The only blessing we had is that Angus was an old man for only 23 days.

We’re still taking it day by day with Emmi.  Whether or not the brain mass is gone is irrelevant.  The herniation of her brain out the back of her skull, and the resulting complications, won’t go away.

John, at the time, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than losing 2 so close together as you did with The Man and Chienne (sp?).  I’ve lost 4, 3 I couldn’t control, 1 wholly and completely my fault, and I’m now watching helplessly as a 5th slowly fades away.

I can’t blog any more.  Reality hurts too much.  I hope you all understand.

Instead, I’m creating a new reality, in the form of a series of children’s books.

In Tales of the Woof Pack, they will all, even our always loved Maude, lost in 2014, live again and exist in a world where none of them will have any of the physical disabilities or health problems they did in life.  None will ever be subjected to human cruelties or negligence.  All problems will have solutions and every day will be an adventure.

Here’s how it started:

We forgot to tell Gertie, when we said Goodbye, not to send another dog to us.  Gertie knew how I felt about the prospect of any other dog in our home – I don’t deserve the company of the dogs I have after what I did to Vito.  But Gertie didn’t think about what I wanted and put me on a collision course with a street dog with a lump on one side of her head and a rotting eye on the other.

Katie,  just after I picked her up that Saturday evening.  The dark spot in the center of the white eye is the inside of her eyeball oozing out.  Dr. Baker at Paradise Valley Emergency Animal Clinic agreed to do an emergency Enucleation that same night so Katie didn’t have to suffer from the pain of the infected and rotting eye any longer.  

The rotting eye was removed that night.  Near total blindness due to a detached retina, most likely related to the lump on her head, diagnosed in the other eye 10 days later.  The separated and reversed femur which may need major surgery in her later years found a week or 2 after that.  Do you want this dog?  I know I didn’t.  What do you do?

Katie after surgery

Crabby named her Katie.

Katie was a stress I really didn’t need.  But somewhere along the way, she gave me something back: A way to make my dogs immortal.  She became the conduit which took my dogs to a place where they would always have fun, always be safe, never be alone and most importantly, live forever.  Katie gives me the way to introduce my dogs to children everywhere.

Book 1 of Tales From the Woof Pack, currently with the working title, subject to change,  “Finding KatieDid”, illustrated by the amazing Nnasco Akwu, KatieDid goes from being a stray with a rotting eye to sister to Hector and Sarah in a new forever home.

KatieDid the dog
Katie ver 1
KatieDid the cartoon, created by Nnasco Akwu
To the locals:  Do you recognize Dr. Baker of Paradise Valley Emergency Animal Clinic?  I sent his web site photo to the illustrator to make the vet in the book look like him.  Wouldn’t you know, PVEAC recently changed the photo to a more recent one showing Dr. Baker with his current beard.  Illustration by Nnasco Akwu. 


In Book 2, “Dog Park”, KatieDid meets the rest of the dogs, who live with various diverse families in a world where differences are celebrated, not argued over.  At the end, KatieDid takes the oath of The Woof Pack, a promise to live by morals that we as humans seemed to have lost.

In Book 3, “Dog Derby and Mutt Show”, well, I can’t give you anything on this one without spoiling it.  This is my favorite so far.

Writing these stories isn’t the same as social media.  Children need short sentences. All I have to do is watch my dogs and the lines write themselves.  I carry an old school notebook with me and when one of the dogs does something that creates or helps continue a story, I only look away for a few seconds to write that line down, then I’m back to playing with the dogs.  The laptop Crabby got for me means I can lay in bed at night and transcribe my notes with a blanket of dogs to keep me warm.

Run A Muck Ranch is over.  Tales From The Woof Pack is just beginning.  Hopefully you will come along for the adventures.

Book 1, Finding KatieDid will be available in print and e-book by Christmas 2016.  The Spanish version, if not at the same time, will be available soon after.

Banner final

Follow the publication process on Facebook at Tales From the Woof Pack.

13 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. After Chienne died so suddenly I was heartbroken and hurt so badly. I honestly felt it was too much so I said “no more dogs”. I really did intend to live with that. Annabell insisted that I get another dog because it upset her for me to be so unhappy I thought long and hard and decided that the dog I wanted – the one that seemed to jump out at me – was a Staffy Cross called Diego. Problem was he was in Mount Gambier and to get him would mean a round trip of over one thousand miles. That’s what I did – picked him up and settled him down in the car. A domestic dispute (mild) regarding a name with Annabell suggesting that it was time she got to name a dog. So that’s what happened and Annabell named the new dog – Benji. I am more than happy with that. The only concern is that 14 years is a long habit to break and from time to time I call him Chienne, then correct myself. Yes you are right, I so missed Chienne and The Man – I still do. I lost two and it really hurt – I cannot begin to imagine what the loss of three or four would mean. I fully understand why no blogging and I accept that. But I really have to say that I am so looking forward to the adventures of The Woof Pack. I understand your desire to move on and that’s fine but I must ask that you Move On – Please, not Move Away.

    John, Annabell, Benji and The WaWa (another story)

  2. So glad you are moving forward – you must always do what is best for you and your own woof pack. We are sorry for all of your loss and are continuing to send purrs and prayers your way. Bless you in your new adventure. I hope you’ll make an announcement when the books are published – we would love to read them!!!

  3. I’m sure your books will touch the heart of all children and I love the idea to write. Hugs to you, I agree with you 100%… reality hurts too much… yes, that is so true :o(

  4. I am so sorry to hear that this blog is no more – what will I do without the feel good factor you brought to my life? Knowing there was two people (you and crabby) out there, who were so selfless and loving and gave so many dogs such a brilliant home… I will continue to hope that, maybe one day, you will return. Until then I am sending a massive hug, stalking your on social media and hoping you won’t be a stranger. Hugs to all of you XXX

  5. Kate – i miss your very informative canine nutrition and health posts. I have learned a lot from you, all good. I think the new idea is wonderful and your illustrator is beyond brilliant. Hugs and love from me and the crazed huskies

  6. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your furry kids. You need to do what is best for you and your family and what feels right. I lost my Alex, a 13 year old pit bull mix last year, and I felt such an indescribable pain that only time is starting to make manageable. Losing one after the other one? I have no idea how you are coping with that, but let me tell you that you are a brave person. You need to grieve for them; you need to do it at your own pace and time. Everything else will fall into place. Take care of yourself and your family.

  7. I’m just heartbroken to learn about precious sweet Gertie and Angus and like everyone else who has followed your blog, I sincerely hope at some point down the road you will reconsider and resume blogging. In the interim, I will follow the adventures of all the fur-kids on social media and be comforted with the thought that every story will have a happy ending without any limitations of aging pups with worn out vessels otherwise known as bodies. Digital hugs and pawsitive thoughts to you and the remaining gang but especially sweet lovable Emmi.
    Your friends at Tails Around the Ranch,
    💔Monika & Sam 🐾

  8. OK, I’ll take the ball and run with it. You’re stopping yourself from helping dogs who need help. Nobody is perfect but you’re closer than most.

  9. I’m happy for you that all the troubles you had to get through took you to another calling, though I’, sorry to see this blog go, especially as I’m not on Facebook and thus will not be able to follow the adventures of the Woof Pack.
    I wish you the best of luck with and satisfaction from writing these stories,

  10. I have missed and will continue to miss this blog. I can fully understand where you’re coming from though and if the joy of the blog has left you, then it’s left and you move on. I am grateful you are finding another way to share your writing. I look forward to sharing your books with my 3 yr old grandson. I am deeply sorry for your losses; it is so much to bear. I wish you would not judge yourself so harshly when you have done SO much good but I understand it. I wish you nothing but the very best and send you Love and Light.

  11. The group drawing is perfect. I have folks on my Christmas list who get a copy of your book this year. Jan

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