The Value of Big Brothers

We had a pretty nasty storm on Sunday.

Marcy doesn’t like storms.

When a particularly loud clap of thunder rattled the house, I went looking for her.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one ready to comfort the visibly trembling Marcy.   Someone beat me to it.

Big brother Vito to the rescue

Vito stayed with Marcy, licking her eyes, resting his head on her neck, and comforting her until the storm passed.

How lucky is Marcy to  have a big brother who cares so much about her?

22 thoughts on “The Value of Big Brothers

  1. Indeed she is – very lucky. Our foster dog might have a big brother in Benji. I would like to think he could perhaps convince her to stop tearing my fingers with her needle sharp teeth. There is only so much blood I can afford to lose :o)

    1. It’s Kingsoon (sp?) who is shredding your fingers? I thought it was the #3 dog… No worries if it’s the permanent WaaWaa, she’ll eventually decide you taste bad and start testing fingers of others 🙂

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