What Do You Do When Your Dog Becomes Inconvenient

Gertie’s ‘leaking’ has gotten worse.

It’s not a housebreaking issue.  When Gertie needs to go outside, she’ll bark.

It’s more a constant drip.

Can the situation BE anymore inconvenient?????

There is no treatment for an old lady with Gertie’s condition.

And it’s only going to get worse.

We only have one option available.

You really can’t judge us….

I mean, really, what would you do to if you were forced to live with a dog who constantly drips urine?

We really need to find a more fashionable diaper option....
We really need to find a more fashionable diaper option….

No worries about Gertie.  It doesn’t matter how old she was when she became one of us.  Family is family no matter what ‘inconveniences’ they cause.

28 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your Dog Becomes Inconvenient

  1. I can remember when our grand-mother lived with us. She was seemingly quite leaky but then, there is an excellent chance that we will experience the same condition as we age. I would hope that I am understood and treated respectfully if/when I reach that stage …… as should all pets that require special attention as they reach their later years!

    1. It amazes me how many people will dump their dogs after long lives because of this issue. The only complaint I have is that the available diapers aren’t very snazzy!

  2. There’s your million dollar idea! 💰 Fashionable doggy diapers. Go run a muck! (Cute name) 😉

    1. Unfortunately, home ec classes were definitely not my strong classes, but who knows… maybe I can build an empire with canine incontinence wear!

  3. I’m so glad that you put the diaper on Gertie. I would not get a rid of a dog or cat just because it leaks urine.

    Have you had her urine tested for a urinary tract infection and a blood test for hypothyroidism? Sometimes either of those conditions can cause leakage.

    One of my cats has stenosis of the spine which has affected her bladder and causes her to leak. My vet advised me to “put her down” but I can not do that when she enjoys eating and loves to be petted and combed, etc. She gets bathed every other day and sponged daily with mild vinegar water to prevent sores. I had a large cage made for her and I use those puppy pads and newspapers for her. Plus I bought lots of thick white towels from Walmart, that I can bleach and wash to use for her or just to place on furniture for other pets. She’s been incontinent for a year, but I don’t mind and change the pads and towels several times a day.

    1. Did not know there was a connection between leaking and hypothyroidism…. will have to look into that!

      1. http://www.petcarenaturally.com/dr_shawn.php This is just one link that I copied. To take you to lots of links at Goolge: type in Hythroidism and urinary incontinence in dogs. But ‘m probably giving you info that you’ve found by now. My son’s Border collie was very old and had begun leaking. My daughter drew some lab and sent that off to IDEXX. Results came back by fax that Lady was hypothyroid. Then I managed to slip a saucer uder lady while she was urinating and my daughter looked at the specimen under the mircoscope. She had some red blood cells and of white cells(pus). She put her on Clavamox. I think gave her a shot of Baytril. ( not sure about that med)Later I had her on Keflex and once or twice she had an injection of Convenia)She was on thyroid supplement for the last two years of her life and at times on an antibiotic for urinary tract infection. Lady became incontinent only during the last couple of months of her life.

        I really hope that your sweet dog can be helped. Good luck.

  4. Nothing wrong with diapers and drips doesn’t keep her from still being a sweetheart or you from loving her we know. Mumsy can identify with sweet Gertie and the drips, sometimes she has the them…it just goes along with age. We think her diaper looks just fine. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. You are doing a good job, but have you discussed whether Propalin syrup would be appropriate for her? This is a veterinary medicine that helps females with leaking type incontinence. I used it for several years on my Daisy. (Just like those commercials on tv for incontinence products, older female dogs can become incontinent due to lower hormone levels). Just a suggestion.

    1. I’ll have to ask a vet about Propalin syrup. It hasn’t come up in any conversation. Someone in an earlier comment mentioned thyroid issues as a cause – links nicely with your hormone possibility…

  6. I know that’s not easy to manage… we had such puppy-pads everywhere in the house, but that was useless, because like you said it drips constantly. we used dog diapers too, but ours were not the real mc coy, the pup could remove it within a second. hugs to you and to Gertie…

    1. Fortunately, Gertie doesn’t even notice the diaper and none of the other nimwits appear to want to make a toy out of it, so we’re golden! 🙂

  7. I always love to hear from people about how their pets are family 🙂 In this day of people dumping family pets because of age or any other myriad of reasons, it’s refreshing to see people dedicated to their furry loves, no matter how unfashionable those diapers are!

    1. Can’t complain much about the unfashionable diaper when I force Gertie to walk around in nasty hair cuts done by yours truly 🙂 For the record, Crabby has demanded I leave Gert alone and let her get fuzzy again.

  8. Thank you for posting this.My LadyBird is 10 years old and has occasional ‘leaks’ but she is with her forever family and if she has to go with diapers later on, so be it. After all, I may have to go with diapers when I reach an advanced age!

  9. There is real help, but it’s meds you must get from a vet. When she was ‘fixed’ the vet nicked something that causes her to leak. When I finally got her, I took her to my vet then it told me the above. If they are leaking it’s because they have a health issue or some human flubbed up! Now my baby girl is on Encurin, once a day. She still thinks she’s leaking because she’s constantly licking. Vet says as long as she stays clean she’s ok. God love her…she leaking, her hair has now started to fall out along with her teeth and nails. She has some sort of auto-immune issue. Never mind though, she’s my princess! I would see a real vet, it sounds like you have a bunch of quacks out there trying to be a vet. I know you don’t like medicine, nor do I, but sometimes we just have to admit defeat and do what’s right for your babies.

    1. I’m not anti-medication, I’m just don’t rush to medication if there might be an alternate treatment, especially if the medication has negative side effects. As of yet, no vet has actually recommended any medications. I will be adding Encurin to the list of pearls of wisdom gleaned from other comments to this post I will be taking to the vet next visit!

      1. Encurin update: Turns out Maebelle’s hair loss was due to the dosage of Encurin. I halved it, and right away her hair started to come back. Even my vet was surprised.

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