Meds, Meds and More Meds

I have been really sick for over a week now.  I finally gave up and went to a doctor yesterday.

Not only do I have the plague, it is starting to mutate into the Zombie Apocalypse virus.

For the first time ever at Run A Muck Ranch, a human requires more meds than a dog.

On the left, my “Prevent the plague from mutating into the Zombie Apocalypse virus” drugs.  On the right, Emmi’s brain tumor drugs.  

For the record:  I haven’t missed a day of work since I got sick.  OK, so once I get home I fall into a coma, but hey, I still work!


12 thoughts on “Meds, Meds and More Meds

  1. Oh Lord, woman! Take care of yourself. All those doggies need you to be healthy! And find a high spot to rest. Zombies can’t climb. 🙂

  2. Oh nooo… that sounds like this flu from deepest hell… we just survived this crap with a truckload of meds :o( Hugs to you I hope so much the meds work and you can kick the evil plague bugs to nirvana…

  3. OH NO! Looks like you have the nasty thing that is going around here too! Hope you feel better soon! I agree with some of the other comments, you need to take the rest of the week off and concentrate on getting better!

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