When Feral Dogs Get WAAAYYY To Comfortable

Every morning, I make the bed.  Every day I come home, the bedclothes are shuffled in such a way as to lead one to believe a person had been reposing there.

Today, the shuffling was taken to a new level.

Sorry for the blur!

With great frustration, I proceeded to attempt to make the bed again, but I was confronted by this:

Hey Mom, I just got it the way I wanted it.  Don’t mess with perfection.

Instead of heeding the clear warning in Marcy’s eyes, I stupidly continued to try to make the bed.

What part of “NO” don’t you understand Mom?

It’s probably  just safer for everyone if I simply stop making the bed.


Happy 3rd Home -a – Versary Marcy.

You’ve come a long way sweetie, and for that we are happy, but do you think you can keep the people bed a little neater?

20 thoughts on “When Feral Dogs Get WAAAYYY To Comfortable

    1. I can’t believe how far she has come along. You would never know just how anti anything she was, going by her antics now. I just love to see her progress. She’s becoming such a beautiful character.

      1. That screaming you hear when I take Gertie and Angus for their plumbing walks is Marcy protesting that I won’t let her go anymore. Marcy doesn’t like the word NO!

    2. Where what was written? That she should NOT shred the people bed? Or that she should NOT try to drive her mom crazy?

  1. OMD, I laughed out loud at those photos! Looks like Marcy is ‘starting’ to be comfortable around the Run-A-Muck-Ranch. 😉 Happy home-a-versary, Ms. Marcy where real dogs sleep where they want and bed making be damned. ღ

    1. I’m glad the need for additional labor on my part brings joy to others 🙂 If you laughed at these pics you would have been on the floor over what I came home to today. I’m thinking I’ll just strip the bed every morning rather than make it anymore.

    1. Time does fly.

      It’s not that Marcy knows her place, it’s that she wants the rest of us to know it’s her place!

  2. Three years and you’re still trying to make the bed. Can’t promise I’ll be neater, but, for you mom, I will try. Now can I get back to sleep???

    1. The little brat! TODAY I come home to find the sheets on the floor on the south side and the comforter and blanket in a heap on the north side of the bed. This is getting ridiculous!

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