Well Crap! (Though All The Dogs Are Healthy)

The last time I titled a post “Well Crap!” it was because Vito had a seizure when we were so close to breaking a record of duration between seizures.  We’re very close again, but I don’t want to say it out loud lest I jinx it for him.


We think it was an environmental and not a systemic problem that caused Vito's seizures.  The suspected cause has been removed from Vito's reach.  We are either a) due for a seizure cluster any day now, or b) 7 days from exceeding the longest duration between seizures so far (not that I keep track...)
We think it was an environmental and not a systemic problem that caused Vito’s seizures. The suspected cause has been removed from Vito’s reach. We are either a) due for a seizure cluster any day now, or b) 7 days from exceeding the longest duration between seizures so far (not that I keep track…)


No, this time it’s more an administrative “Well Crap” issue:

I am attempting to go professional with the dog food, as in selling it.  To that end I came up with a nifty name, which I stupidly mentioned out loud on Facebook, got a logo guy, a web site guy and a printer guy working on it.

Logo is great, web site is great (though it’s just a landing page at this point), social media campaign, check! and printer guy ready to rock.

Turns out, 2 days after I used the business name on the Facebook Page…  someone coincidentally claimed the domain name.

A less snarkier person than I made contact with the buyer and asked to buy it.  The answer was in the affirmative, but for an amount I won’t pay.  Call me crazy, but to buy  a $12 domain name for a few thousand, not this Crazy Dog Lady!  It would be cheaper to just start over from scratch, which is what I have to do.

So, without further adieu, we are offering for sale, the Follower Favorite Foto of Morty, Emmi and Slugger, hamming it up in a desert water hole, after the rains, for sale in T-shirt form, through Cafe Press,  to see if we can raise funds to re-start under the new name, domains already purchased.





If you are interested in proudly wearing the 3 most dimwitted but lovable mutts ever to bring turmoil to our lives,  please click the link below to purchase your T-shirt.  If there are any questions or problems with ordering, please contact me at runamuck.ranch@yahoo.com.






How To Smell Pretty Living with 12, I Mean 14 Dogs: Product Review of Soapgoods Fragrance Oils

It may come as a shock, but living with 14 dogs, on a property with horses, it takes a little work to maintain the status of Olfactorily Pleasing.

Back when I had a life, I made lotions and potions, soaps and salves…  you get the picture.  It was during that time I learned about Soap Goods, more particularly, its line of fragrant oils.

As a normal life as I knew it drifted away, I began using the very same oils previously procured for toiletries, on the dog beds,  to counteract the fragrance of Eau de Wet Dog Who Hath Rolled in a Horse Stall.

First the beds were washed with laundry detergent and either bleach or apple cider vinegar.  Then I would sprinkle a few drops of fragrant oil on the wet laundry before putting it in the dryer.



Some things are hopelessly stinky.  Slugger is one of them.    The longest he has ever stayed fresh and clean was about 2 hours before he went to the Arizona's Favorite Dog Contest final judging, in 2012.
Some things are hopelessly stinky. Slugger is one of them. The longest he has ever stayed fresh and clean was the  2 hours we had him pinned down before he went to the Arizona’s Favorite Dog Contest final judging, in 2012.  He was a lost cause before, and he’s been a lost cause ever since.


Turns out, not only did the oils remove? cover up? or whatever, of any smells left over after a wash, but the dog beds themselves became room fresheners, making the entire house smell great.  Even the back yard smelled wonderful if you were standing near the dryer vent, farther away if the breeze was right.

It didn’t take long before I did the same treatment to bedclothes, bath towels, even clothing, to get the same result.  Though Crabby has a tendency to complain when his underwear smells of fresh Jasmine, even he has to admit we don’t have the multi-dog home stink that others do.

Soap Goods carries 119 different fragrant oils.  Of those, I use Lilac, Gardenia, Vanilla Bean (Crabby’s favorite for his underwear), Strawberry, English Rose and Jasmine Dreams.  With this year’s order, I lived dangerously and tried Chocolate, which will now be on the permanent order list.

Notice I said this year’s order.  I only order once a year.  1 – 3.4oz bottle of each from the list in the previous paragraph is enough to last Run A Muck Ranch an entire year.   More than a year now since I added a flavor.

To give you an idea of laundry volume:  I did 11 (eleven) loads) last weekend.  Only 2 of them were clothes.  That didn’t include the loads done during the week.  Yes, Run A Muck Ranch fans, we have a lot of laundry.   I will admit, I don’t use the oils on all clothing loads, but still, a  little dab will do you, making the bottles last a long time.  That the bottles come with a convenient shaker top to prevents spills and waste is a bonus.   With all the laundry, there’s still enough left over for what few toiletries I still make, as well as a few emergency rinses on Slugger when he’s having a truly potent day.






If you want to get rid of dog smell, while giving your home the fragrance of, well, just about anything, go to http://www.soapgoods.com/ and pick your scent!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


Gertie, Recently

Yup, Gertie is still here.

The few people who called on the fliers I posted didn’t read them very well, and discussion of Gert’s age was the deal breaker for some.  Those who weren’t concerned about her age didn’t read the part about her being a house dog.  That the interested parties intended to keep Gertie outside was a deal breaker for me.

Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.
Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.

A rescue did eventually list Gertie on their web site, but her bio was cut off mid sentence.  Hey, she’s listed though!

A no-kill shelter offered to take her but we declined.   An old lady needs to be in a home, not a kennel.

A foster offer also eventually came up, but by that time it had been almost 2 months and Gertie had settled in.  A month earlier, we would have jumped at the chance.  But by the time the offer came, we knew Gertie.  To send her away knowing she would be moved again at least once, maybe more if she didn’t work out at the foster home, well, what can I say, we’re weak.   Gertie will go from here to her permanent home, if one can be found.  One final move.

At times I question her intelligence.
At times I question her intelligence.

Unfortunately, the number of senior dogs needing homes exponentially out numbers homes needing senior dogs.   If no one steps up to make Gertie their princess, well, I guess you know how the story will end for her.  It wouldn’t be the best ending, however.

While Gertie isn’t unhappy here, she would be much happier in a lower dog density/higher Gertie time home.   I know, some of you are thinking The Ranch is the perfect home, but think about it:  She’s 10.  She’s had an entire lifetime behind her and now she has to start at the bottom of the pecking order, behind a pretty wild bunch.   She’s slower than the rest of the kids and they don’t wait up for her on the desert walks.  She can’t adapt as well as a younger kid can.  Try as she does, where Pablo was accepted, she hasn’t been.  It’s not that the other kids are mean to her, it’s that they ignore her.  When she tries to participate in Misfit Games, they stop playing and walk away.   Even Pablo traded her in for a younger model. Gertie deserves so much better.

Beautiful Gertie
Beautiful Gertie

We, and by we I mean I, haven’t given up yet.  Crabby gave up the day he hefted her into the Waggin’ Waggon the first time.  But there will come a time when we will have to give Gertie her official promise, if she doesn’t find another home.   That said, I don’t want Gertie to have to settle for simply being not unhappy, so I my fingers are crossed someone is out there for her.

In the meantime, however,  Gertie is loved.  She is treated as one of the family and is learning how to train us.  I make sure she gets lots of hugs, kisses and butt scratches every day.  She’s not a cuddler, and sometimes likes to be alone.  But when she asks for attention, I give it to her.



Because Gertie doesn’t voluntarily exercise, and exercise is very important, especially for old ladies, she  and I walk every night.  Though she doesn’t appreciate the warm temperatures, I think she does enjoy the “Her” time.  I’ve tried taking a second dog on the walks, but Gertie pouts. So, it’s just me and Gertie.

Gertie isn't much of a speed demon, and she listens well, so she only leash walks near traffic.  She strolls perfectly off leash.
Gertie isn’t much of a speed demon, and she listens well, so she only leash walks near traffic. She strolls perfectly off leash.

Whoever ends up with Gertie, be it someone we haven’t met yet, or us, will be truly blessed indeed.  For Gertie’s sake, however it ends up, I hope she’s happy.

As I write this, Gert is at my feet.  While I hope she can find better feet to lay down at, mine will always be available as long as she needs them.

O! M! G!

A few weeks ago, someone e-mailed me offering a painted portrait of one of the Run A Muck Ranch kids in exchange for placing a badge of her web site on this blog for a time.

We get lots of people and  businesses sending us similar e-mails, but to date, no one has ever followed through.   We really didn’t have any expectations for the most current contact.

I just checked my e-mail and found this:


8 x 10 acrylic
8 x 10 acrylic


For those who don’t recognize the photo this came from, see The Great Snickerdoodle Caper.

We LOVE it!  and that’s an understatement…

Christmas is just around the corner folks.  If there’s a Dog Mom on your list, here’s the perfect gift!  Samara, the artist, offers 8 x 10 portraits, starting at just $75.  That’s actually within a price range even Run A Muck Ranch can afford!  Perhaps Santa, and by Santa I mean Crabby, will bring me 2 more!  (Hey, every other Christmas he tells me he’s the best gift I can ever get.  What’s wrong with asking for a splurge one year!)

One way or another, Saramara WILL be hearing from Run A Muck Ranch again!

To get your own portrait painted, contact this incredible artist:

Samara Doumnande

SamDoum Art
52 Englewood Hill
Pittsford NY, 14534

Visit her web site at SamDoumArt.com

Love her on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/SamDoumArt

Follow her blog at http://samdoumart.blogspot.com/

As soon as I figure out how to actually put a badge on this blog, you can be sure it will be prominently and permanently displayed!




An Actual, Real, Scary Moment

This very thing could have happened in the back yard.   You get used to it.  For that reason, after all the shouting stopped, we continued our romp, but in an area away from the snake.

Living in a box isn’t living.  All we can do is hope the world is kind enough to allow us to give the kids as much fun as we can, whenever we can.    That being said, we WILL freak out when we find a biting snake between 2 of our kids, not more than 3 feet away from them!

I assure you, we encounter fewer Rattlesnakes on the desert with the dogs than I personally do at work.  There are days I’m up close and personal with more than 1.