Crabby Puts His Foot Down on Another Rescue

An innocent creature in need presented himself in our driveway this evening and I’m ashamed to say Crabby strongly refused to offer refuge to this latest wayward soul.










Poor little guy, it's December but it hasn't gotten cold.
Poor little guy, it’s December and he’s still out in the big bad world.


The unseasonably warm weather is confusing the snakes.  The temperatures are keeping them awake, but it isn’t warm enough for them to move around at peak snake speed, making them easy pickings for predators and heartless humans.   Additionally, if the weather does decide to turn cold, the snakes above ground will die.   This little guy was very slow, probably on the gravel trying to get warm.


He was too heat deprived to defend himself.
He was too heat deprived to defend himself.


My original intent, given 1 very cold night could kill him, was to see if we had a ‘habitat’ to put him in, inside the house, where he could be safe from the elements, at least until it was safe to release him – sometime in the spring.

But Crabby is mean, and locked the gates of Run A Muck Ranch against the critter (and me, lest I try to smuggle the little guy in the house).

In the end, I moved the little snake to a shrub that I hoped would provide at least some comfort in his time of need.


Slowly inching under a jojoba bush.
Slowly inching under a jojoba bush.


After a thorough frisking to insure I wasn’t smuggling in anything slithery, Crabby allowed me back in the house.

Bummer is, the little snake looked like a Larry to me.  As you know, I really want a Larry.

Study Buddies

I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard of late, and sometimes I need a little support and encouragement.

This was my study group last night while I was working on calculations for a specialized diet.


That patch of bare space between DASH! and Willy was my spot.
The patch of bare space between DASH! and Willy was my space. 


While the rest of the group really didn’t help very much, my ever attentive William took copious notes for me.


Special Offer From SamDoum Art to Run A Muck Ranch Followers!

I just received an e-mail from Samara, the amazing artist at SamDoum Art with an exclusive offer for Run A Muck Ranch friends!

From Samara:

“I’m currently offering 25% off on all pet portraits for all Run A Muck fans who find me through your website. All they will need to do is click on the pet portrait badge on your blog and that page will direct them to my pet portrait Etsy shop. Then, while completing their order, all they’ll need to do is enter the Promocode  “RUNAMUCK25”. The offer lasts until January 1st, 2015. But it’s a good idea to order as soon as possible in order to ship before the Christmas deadline, for those purchasing as a gift for someone else.”


Run A Muck Ranch's Gracie painted by SamDuom Art.
Run A Muck Ranch’s Gracie painted by SamDuom Art.


The SamDoumArt badge is the first widget below the header on this blog, titled Pet Portraits,  with the Macaw on it – also painted by Samara.



Run A Muck Ranch's Mortimer painted by SamDuom Art
Run A Muck Ranch’s Mortimer painted by SamDuom Art

This is the PERFECT gift for any dog mom, and most dog dads, on your Christmas list!


Hannah, the winner of Run A Muck Ranch's Facebook contest for internationally adopted dogs.
Hannah, the winner of Run A Muck Ranch’s Facebook contest for internationally adopted dogs.




Another Video For You: My Bionic Pet

I watched a way interesting and way fun documentary on prosthetics for the 2 and 4 leggeds with scales, fur and feathers in our lives.

If you happen to have 52 minutes to spare, I promise it’s worth the watch!

My favorite Bionic Pet is Chris P. Bacon, the pig.  Gotta love the name!

The link to the video is below.

For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would pass up on a scratch and dent critter.   Seems it’s only a matter of time before a beast missing or needing to be missing a body part or 3 will turn up on Run A Muck Ranch’s door step.  If and when that happens, you can be rest assured a fun life will  be guaranteed!

Never underestimate the value of scratch and dent critters!


Run A Muck Ranch Yields to the Space Saving Masters

I’ve posted many a pic, and a few posts, showing how the Run A Much Ranch dogs excel at making the most of small spaces.

Nimwits piled on top of each other, series of multiple spoons, and other such cute, cuddly, compact postures have been shared with pride, me believing our dogs were the masters.  I was wrong.

I humbly yield the Space Saving Masters Title to the Bull Terriers in this video, with extra accolades going to the black and white one.


The Monster From the Muck

So there we were, out for Sunday Family Desert Walk, at the waterhole, when suddenly and without warning, something emerged from the muck.


What IS this fiendish creature?
What IS this fiendish creature?


It ran to and fro for a while.






We tried to be silent and still so as not to be seen by the evil spawn from the depths, but it saw us anyway, charging at us in a most menacing manner.


Fear struck deep in our hearts when we saw IT close up.
Fear struck deep in our hearts when we saw IT close up.


Mortimer was flummoxed by the sight. Afraid to approach, yet equally afraid to flee.


Morty's Flumixed face.
Morty’s flummoxed face.


Terrified though we were, we decided to stay near the waterhole for the safety of the other dogs who accompanied us.  Eventually the wild THING that emerged from the muck calmed down enough for us to realize it was just Emmi.


Sweet Emmi
Sweet Emmi


Words of wisdom from The Crazy Dog Lady:  Beware Wet Emmis wherever they may be found.



It wasn’t fair that Pablo didn’t get to out on Sunday Family Desert Walks.  Shy of fitting him with 50 pound weights, we weren’t sure how to slow him down in the wilderness, and if he got away from us, he would be gone for good.

We eventually relented, tightening his collar, putting him on a long line and clipping the line to my person.  The clip is a safeguard, insuring Pablo is safely attached to me in the event I become incapacitated for any reason.

Though Pablo does enjoy the walks, actually, they’re more like sled dog training sessions for the amount he pulls, sometimes he gets a little frustrated and, for lack of a better word, explodes.

I wish I had the video recorder for this morning’s episode, but all I had was the still camera.  It was enough to get the pre-explosion, however 🙂


Release me you $%##!! human!!!!
Release me you $%##!! human!!!!