The Value of Big Brothers

We had a pretty nasty storm on Sunday.

Marcy doesn’t like storms.

When a particularly loud clap of thunder rattled the house, I went looking for her.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one ready to comfort the visibly trembling Marcy.   Someone beat me to it.

Big brother Vito to the rescue

Vito stayed with Marcy, licking her eyes, resting his head on her neck, and comforting her until the storm passed.

How lucky is Marcy to  have a big brother who cares so much about her?

Another Video For You: My Bionic Pet

I watched a way interesting and way fun documentary on prosthetics for the 2 and 4 leggeds with scales, fur and feathers in our lives.

If you happen to have 52 minutes to spare, I promise it’s worth the watch!

My favorite Bionic Pet is Chris P. Bacon, the pig.  Gotta love the name!

The link to the video is below.

For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would pass up on a scratch and dent critter.   Seems it’s only a matter of time before a beast missing or needing to be missing a body part or 3 will turn up on Run A Muck Ranch’s door step.  If and when that happens, you can be rest assured a fun life will  be guaranteed!

Never underestimate the value of scratch and dent critters!


Run A Muck Ranch Yields to the Space Saving Masters

I’ve posted many a pic, and a few posts, showing how the Run A Much Ranch dogs excel at making the most of small spaces.

Nimwits piled on top of each other, series of multiple spoons, and other such cute, cuddly, compact postures have been shared with pride, me believing our dogs were the masters.  I was wrong.

I humbly yield the Space Saving Masters Title to the Bull Terriers in this video, with extra accolades going to the black and white one.



T’is true, t’is true, we hit on a Lucky Life Scratcher ticket!
To celebrate we went wild and crazy, going out to dinner and then buying new bed sheets and a comforter.  Since we were rolling in the black with our winnings, we also went way out and got Crabby regulation bean bags for his cornhole.

This be a REGULATION bean bag!
This be a REGULATION bean bag!
Just look at Crabby's form!
Just look at Crabby’s form!
There was no way Crabby could make it to the Corn Holer Nationals using his prior bean bags.  Now, with training and practice, he has a shot!
There was no way Crabby could make it to the Cornhole World Championships using his prior bean bags. Now, with hard work and training, he has a shot!  (Don’t believe me that there are World Championships?  See  This is a serious sport!)

We partied so hard, we were out, on a Saturday night, 2 whole hours!

But alas, we returned to The Ranch, and the reality in which we live:

Yes, that would be our winning Lucky Life Scratcher ticket.
Yes, that would be our winning Lucky Life Scratcher ticket.


How To Smell Pretty Living with 12, I Mean 14 Dogs: Product Review of Soapgoods Fragrance Oils

It may come as a shock, but living with 14 dogs, on a property with horses, it takes a little work to maintain the status of Olfactorily Pleasing.

Back when I had a life, I made lotions and potions, soaps and salves…  you get the picture.  It was during that time I learned about Soap Goods, more particularly, its line of fragrant oils.

As a normal life as I knew it drifted away, I began using the very same oils previously procured for toiletries, on the dog beds,  to counteract the fragrance of Eau de Wet Dog Who Hath Rolled in a Horse Stall.

First the beds were washed with laundry detergent and either bleach or apple cider vinegar.  Then I would sprinkle a few drops of fragrant oil on the wet laundry before putting it in the dryer.



Some things are hopelessly stinky.  Slugger is one of them.    The longest he has ever stayed fresh and clean was about 2 hours before he went to the Arizona's Favorite Dog Contest final judging, in 2012.
Some things are hopelessly stinky. Slugger is one of them. The longest he has ever stayed fresh and clean was the  2 hours we had him pinned down before he went to the Arizona’s Favorite Dog Contest final judging, in 2012.  He was a lost cause before, and he’s been a lost cause ever since.


Turns out, not only did the oils remove? cover up? or whatever, of any smells left over after a wash, but the dog beds themselves became room fresheners, making the entire house smell great.  Even the back yard smelled wonderful if you were standing near the dryer vent, farther away if the breeze was right.

It didn’t take long before I did the same treatment to bedclothes, bath towels, even clothing, to get the same result.  Though Crabby has a tendency to complain when his underwear smells of fresh Jasmine, even he has to admit we don’t have the multi-dog home stink that others do.

Soap Goods carries 119 different fragrant oils.  Of those, I use Lilac, Gardenia, Vanilla Bean (Crabby’s favorite for his underwear), Strawberry, English Rose and Jasmine Dreams.  With this year’s order, I lived dangerously and tried Chocolate, which will now be on the permanent order list.

Notice I said this year’s order.  I only order once a year.  1 – 3.4oz bottle of each from the list in the previous paragraph is enough to last Run A Muck Ranch an entire year.   More than a year now since I added a flavor.

To give you an idea of laundry volume:  I did 11 (eleven) loads) last weekend.  Only 2 of them were clothes.  That didn’t include the loads done during the week.  Yes, Run A Muck Ranch fans, we have a lot of laundry.   I will admit, I don’t use the oils on all clothing loads, but still, a  little dab will do you, making the bottles last a long time.  That the bottles come with a convenient shaker top to prevents spills and waste is a bonus.   With all the laundry, there’s still enough left over for what few toiletries I still make, as well as a few emergency rinses on Slugger when he’s having a truly potent day.






If you want to get rid of dog smell, while giving your home the fragrance of, well, just about anything, go to and pick your scent!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


Kitchen Nightmares at Run A Muck Ranch

You might find this hard to believe, but spending hours every week cooking for the kids is not as fun as it sounds.  Not to mention what the house smells like during, and for an extended time after, each cook.

I decided to attempt a marathon cook.  My mission: To prepare an entire month’s worth of food as quickly as possible.  By quickly, we’re talking about the 4 Day plan, every day, after work.

I guess I got a little tired on Day 3 because it all went to Hell in a hand basket.  This is the result:



The Unveiling of the New Sticker

We never did update the blog banner with the 13th sticker, representing Marcy’s promise that Run A Muck Ranch was her permanent home.  Then our Queen Maude passed away, bringing us back to 12.

The existing stickers were already showing wear from our harsh desert environs, and replacing them with the same ones proved not as easy as it sounded.

I aged yet another year older recently, and Crabby gave me the most wonderful gift:  A new and custom sticker for the Waggin’ Wagon.

What do you think?

If you happen to count, there are still 13 dogs.  Crabby says the 12 stand alones represent our 12 kids.  The little one attached to 'me' represents all the ones who blessed us during their lives, and are forever in our hearts.
If you happen to count, there are still 13 dogs. Crabby says the 12 stand alones represent our 12 kids. The little one attached to ‘me’ represents all the ones who blessed us during their lives, and are forever in our hearts.


If you look really close you will see there is no more room for any more stickers.  That translates to we are at our limit for dogs.

Getting Gertie and Pablo to understand that, well, that will be a trick.

We Missed Morty’s Mortiversary!

I’m such a lousy Mom! Morty’s Mortiversary went by and we didn’t even celebrate!

For those who don’t know the story, here it is:

In the wee hours of May 27, 2012, while Crabby remained in his slumber, I was preparing to take Group 1 out for Sunday Family Desert Walk.  When I and the group reached the driveway, we found this:


Photo of Morty, the day he knocked at the gates of Run A Muck Ranch and demanded entry.
Photo of Morty taken for his “Found” flier, the day he knocked at the gates of Run A Muck Ranch and demanded entry.


I had never seen this creature before, but that didn’t mean he didn’t live somewhere nearby.   Chances are, he would just go home if left alone, so I took Group 1 and we headed to the desert.

Upon returning to The Ranch, the mutt was still there, in the driveway.   Expecting Crabby to be awake by that time, I prepared myself to make the case that the dog lying in the driveway was NOT MY FAULT!

Crabby was indeed awake, and I found him standing in front of the living room window, his hands clasped in front of him, staring outside, at nothing in particular.

“I had nothing to do with that!”, I said, referring to the interloping mutt.

“I tried to chase him away”, Crabby replied in a weak voice, “but he won’t leave.”


(This video was taken on Morty’s first night at The Ranch.  Poor kid was exhausted.)


We ignored the trespasser as we loaded Group 2 into the Waggin’ Wagon.  Well, actually, we set out a bowl of water, then we ignored him.  Off to the desert we went.

When we returned, the beast was still in our driveway.  Sigh…

More water, a bowl of food, and the Waggin’ Wagon prepared to take the beast to a 24 hour vet to check for a chip.

On the way to the vet, Crabby said, apropos of nothing, “He looks like a Morty.”  Eerily, I had that very same thought shortly before.   We should have known at that moment the future was already written and just turned around and gone home.



The vet’s office confirmed no chip.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the creature showed all the signs of having lived on the desert, fending for himself, for a very long time.

Me, I was thinking PLEASE!  Someone be looking for this dog! I peppered the area with “Found” signs.  I also posted to every Lost and Found page I could find.  For 2 weeks I searched for Morty’s home and held out hope that we would not reach the insane number of 12 dogs. I even tried to find a rescue to take him.  Can you blame me?  We already had 11 (eleven) dogs!  But my efforts were for naught, and my hopes dashed.

Crabby…  well, back on the day we had Morty checked for a chip, as we were preparing to leave, he told the tech “May as well take him home and introduce him to his brothers and sisters.”  In other words, he surrendered without a fight, the day Morty showed up in the driveway.

And now you know the rest of the story.

DSC_0032 small



We love you Morty, even if you do eat us out of house and home!

Sorry we missed your Mortiversary!