217 Days

Vito had a seizure last night at 10:14 pm.

There was evidence on the office floor that he had one, maybe 2 more while we were at work today.

At 5:31 pm this evening, he had another one.  Crabby had to handle Vito alone during that particular seizure while I got the other dogs out of the way.

Crabby still tears up when it happens.

Vito, post 5:30 seizure.  He just looks like his head hurts 😦

Vito’s last seizure was on June 8, 2015.  217 days ago.   Yes, that’s good news.  No it doesn’t make it any easier.

Poor Vito 😦

Mom and Dad would gladly have the seizure for you if we could Big Guy.




I’ve been rained out of work pretty much since Monday.  All I have to show for the week is 3 completed properties and the start of a very nasty head cold.

I have absolutely nothing to do except eat, watch TV and give extra attention to the kids.

Apparently I’ve spent way too much time on activity #3 because at this point, some of the dogs WANT to be outside in the rain.   Those who don’t choose Satan’s Tears over Mom’s Attention have burrowed themselves into the furthest recesses of any pocket or hidey hole they can find and are remaining freakishly quiet.


If you come near me again Mom I’m gonna BITE you!
If I stay very very still, maybe she won’t see me.



Franky and  DASH! are hiding under the bed, so I can’t get a photo.

Morty, Willy, Emmi, Kodi (visiting dog), Marcy, Gertie, Angus and Gracie chose the downpour over sitting with me.  Best I can figure they are huddled in the farthest reaches of a horse stall, out of view from the back door.  I’ve called them a few times, and each time a nose pokes around the stall door, but that same nose also disappears moments later.  That it has been a different nose each time tells me more than 1 are hiding in that particular stall.

Kodi’s presence in the horse stall is more peer pressure than attention avoidance.  Every time I’ve called the kids, Kodi has come running out, stops, and when no one follows him, goes back to the horse stall. If  it wasn’t so muddy a path to get to him I would escort him inside to keep me company!

That leaves us with Pablo.  He may be out in the open, but when I tried to cuddle up to him, he snarled me away.


DO NOT test me Mom!

As I’ve been shuffling about the house, vacuming and laundering away a few of the mud layers, depressed that after all I’ve done for these Nimwits none will step up to keep me amused in my time of need, I had an epiphany:

Every single dog who calls Run A Muck Ranch home, despite their background, is confident and comfortable.  They don’t need constant human interaction to feel self worth.  Every time they jump in my lap, ask for a hug, or invite me to play, it’s a choice and not a need for comfort or to please, and in the end, they choose me with no ulterior motives.  They also don’t feel the need to suck up, knowing that their current avoidance in no way influences our relationship over all.

So I sit here on now my 3rd day of rain induced inactivity, during what has been the longest continuous time at home ever experienced by me (or The Horde) being totally ignored.  (I could even close the bathroom door if I remembered how to do it!).   And with all this going on, only one thought comes to mind:

We did good by these Nimwits!

That said, I look forward to the rain stopping so I can go back to work so the kids will go back to irritating me.

January 3, 2016 – It FINALLY Happened!

Marcy gave her Dad a hug. 

So shocked were we over this event that Crabby was afraid to move lest he scare Marcy off.  It was only by dumb luck I was in position with the camera on.


Eventually, she sort of snuggles in.  Notice Crabby hasn’t moved his head and his hands are pretty much where they were when the hug started.  Like I said, he was afraid to move!

It only took 3 years.

This event is almost as special as the first time Emmi peed off property several months after she moved in.  Yup, we got a picture of that too!



Captured on Film: Crabby Attacked By Run A Muck Ranch Visitor Dog Kodi

We decided to try Run A Muck Ranch Special Guest Kodi with the Little Dog Group on today’s Sunday Family Desert Walk today.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea.

I had the crappy camera so I couldn’t get it all, most shots being too blurry to make out the carnage as it unfolded.  But I was able to get the first frame of Kodi, without provocation, attacking Crabby.

Oh!  The humanity!


By the time the attack was over, both Crabby and Kodi were covered…. in mud.

Rather than enjoying a relaxing Sunday, I now have to launder Crabby’s clothes, bathe Kodi and wipe the muddy floors.  Crabby is responsible for hosing out the Waggin’ Wagon!

Clearly Kodi doesn’t like it here :)!

It’s Not What You Think

OK, so this is Kodi


He’s going to be staying with us for a while.  Possibly until April.

Now, before you start cooing over how once again Crazy and Crabby have stepped up to help a dog in distress, I’m going to tell you right out:  This is a paying gig.

Short story:  Mom found herself in a situation.  Mom had to board Kodi.  The place where Kodi was being boarded turned out to be not so good.  Mom had a friend reach out to see if other (home) boarding arrangements could be made.  Word got to Crazy.  Crazy could use a little extra cash right now.  Crazy talked to Crabby.  Crabby said OK .  Crazy contacted friend, friend contacted Mom, and now you know the rest of the story.

Crabby was fine up to and including the meet and greet, but once Kodi moved in….

We can’t do free anymore.  Every time we do it ends up costing us more than we bargained for – and I’m not talking about the dog, it’s usually the people.  People who get free expect a lot more than paying people do, and it never ends well.

We don’t do paid anymore either – we have 14 dogs for heavens sake!

Given the above, we are mystified as to why we allowed Kodi to slip through.  Actually, we’re thinking Fate hasn’t messed with our minds lately so it must have gotten bored.  It appears it put us in this situation to keep Kodi happy and safe until Mom gets on her feet.

Y’all know that any dog who makes his or her way through the gates of Run A Muck Ranch has no worries, and that is what we can give Mom for her money.

Mom is still very much in the picture and will be taking Kodi on family outings on her days off.  Today was the first such visit, and Mom arrived to find a happy Kodi, together with his leash and his packed lunch, ready to take on his adventure.  What can I say, we aim to please!

For Kodi’s part, though it was a bumpy first day, he woke up this morning deciding he was OK with the situation.

Already staking his claim.  Fortunately, he hasn’t eyeballed the people bed yet.

You’ll probably be seeing more of Kodi over the next few months, but just know, he’s a Special Guest and not a permanent resident of Run A Muck Ranch.   I’m positive that even as a Special Guest, he will have stories to share.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Crabby needs another box of tissue for his uncontrollable sobbing.


Seriously, We Have More Beds

Run A Muck Ranch is awash in dog beds. Actually, the dog beds are more for people use since the dogs don’t let the people on the couches.  And lest we forget, there is the coveted people bed where sometimes people are allowed.

If we have so many comforts for our creatures, why do our creatures do this?

Anyone seeing Gracie and Emmi like this would swear we’re neglecting them.

Another Lesson in Priorities

After quite a bit of deliberation and discussion, we decided it was time to buy a blanket for couch sitting. All we’ve had to this point is a very light 6 foot stadium blanket.  The Horde finished eating the last real one we had I think it was 2 years ago.

An evening out was designated for the purposes of procuring a brandy new snugly people couch blanket.  We returned home with a full sized, plush, promise of warmth.

The blanket was left on the couch as we made our sitting preparations.  Unfortunately we put it in a bad place.


After much argument and offers of bribes back and forth, we determined neither of us had the heart to take the blanket away from sweet, wobbly, gimpy Sarah.

If it had been any of the others, we would have had no issue – but Sarah – that’s a different story.

So, until Sarah moved her person to another location, and because I lost the coin toss…


When did we got from being the Masters to being the servants????