More Troubles In Willy World

I’ve gotten way behind on my house chores.  An unexpected early work day gives me the opportunity to catch up.

Among the plethora of chores I’m behind on is laundry.  Dog laundry to be more specific.  Every week I wash all dog beds, blankets and even their toys.

I just started the 3rd load, and noticed the living room had no more toys strewn about.  I could have sworn there were more.

Then I found this:

Don’t worry Toys, I’ll make sure you get to stay smelly!

Apparently Willy is as displeased over the prospect of laundering the toys today as he was over my timing of washing the couch cover yesterday.

He’s going to be quite peeved in about 30 minutes when the current wash load is finished and the bed he’s sleeping on will be disassembled for the next one.

Power Struggles at Run A Muck Ranch

Sundays are couch cover laundry days, which means I have to remove them.

Today, Willy took issue with my timing.

Which part of DO NOT DISTURB do you not understand?!?!?!
Which part of “DO NOT DISTURB” do you not understand?!?!?!

You can tell from the look in his eye and the digging in of his body that he was NOT going to yield.

Eventually, Willy moved on, but not before he hung the “Maid Service Requested” sign.

Good to know who’s in charge!

A Homework Video

I’m having a blast with the fitness phase of the latest nutrition certification!  Instead of brain exploding studying and memorization to regurgitate on tests and quizzes, we have to do videos.

“Fitness” is more than being in shape.  It’s the definition of wellness, body and mind.  And of course, exercise is part of the equation.

The final exam for the first course will be to design a 2 week fitness plan for a dog, and then video it being implemented.  I initially chose Willy for 2 reasons:  First, he’s put on a little weight – much like his mom.  Second, research has shown that work can steady the troubled mind of a dog.

When Willy tried to bite me during the very first sit lesson, I decided to use Vito for my final instead…  but that doesn’t mean I gave up on Willy!

Look what we’ve accomplished in 6 days!  {Edit:  Reports are the video plays blurry when accessing from WordPress.  View it on You Tube for a clearer version.}

{Here’s hoping You Tube doesn’t delete my channel again!}

A little trivia for you:   The left heel position was set so that a hunter could control the dog with the left hand while handling his gun with the right.  I personally feel more comfortable, and can react faster, with the dog heeling on my right, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone 🙂


I’ve been going through pictures I haven’t even looked at yet and found this one of Willy from..  golly I don’t know when.

Note the shaved mark on his front leg.  Remember when he seemed to always have that tell-tale mark of a catheter because he never ceased to find a way to hurt himself?

Looking at this picture, it just occurred to me that Willy hasn’t had a crisis in a long time!

Couple that with the fact he’s been off his Prozac since January!

Could it be Willy is starting to be, gasp! Normal?