Yesterday, it rained on and off all day.  Of course I had to work outside in it.  Let me tell you:  Cold (we were in the low 70’s) temperatures + arthritis in a manual labor job does not = a good day.  I ended up running the hot water heater empty in the shower trying to get my joints functional to partake in my at-home manual labor work.

I know, I’m whining when I shouldn’t be.  After all, there are many who have it worse.

Take, for example Franky and Pablo.

While yesterday the windows were closed, and the respirations of 14 dogs were enough to keep the house bearably warm, today I deliberately opened the windows before I left for work.

How cruel of me!  I don’t think we even reached 70 today, and with the windows open there was no way The Horde could properly ‘self heat’ the house!

I came home to the pitiful sight of Franky and Pablo, shivering uncontrollably.  Franky was near death, crying from the cold.  (For the record, that was a couple hours ago, and as of the writing of this, the outside temperature is 60 as the sun is going down).

So what if Mom has to work in unholy weather conditions ranging from 100+ degrees in the blazing sun in the summer to barely 32 degrees with occasional misty rain in the winter, what is MORE important is that the boys are comfortable!

Looks like we'll need to take Pablo clothes shopping to get something that fits him better.
How could you leave the windows open Mom!  We almost froze to death!

Sarah’s Got Mail!

Sarah received her first piece of mail…

Sare Bear was so excited to get mail of her own!
Sare Bear was so excited to get mail of her own!

Hearing the sad tale of poor Sarah being forced to wear padded sports bras, Run A Muck Ranch fan Yanina of Texas came to her aid, sending Sare Bear not 1 but 2 UNpadded XXL sports bras!

The grey formal bra.
The grey formal bra.
The blue firty bra.  Marcy wants one!
The blue firty bra. Marcy wants one!

Thank you Yanina from Sarah and Run A Muck Ranch!  Sarah can step out with pride now!


As you know, Sarah is gimpy.  We’ve never gotten a true cause for her wobble.  We just work around it.

Sarah's handicap is directly responsible for her downright adorable manner of running.
Sarah’s handicap is directly responsible for her downright adorable manner of running.

Over the last several months, Sare Bear’s clumsiness has increased, partly due to Hairy Paw (someone remind me to update you on that!), partly due to the probable degeneration of her condition over all.  Stepping up or down without assistance often results in face plants and it doesn’t take much of a bump anymore to turn an upright Sarah into a Sarah version of a plastic Breyer horse laying on its side.

Try as we might, we aren’t always able to catch her as she falls and when we do it usually results in a pulled something or a flare up of an already sore body part on either Crabby or me.

Additionally, for reasons we can’t understand, Gertie has decided she absolutely MUST lay right outside the back door.  While the other kids have just gotten into the habit of jumping over her when they need to pass, Sarah is stuck, and so are we:

Do we shoo away the uber elderly arthritic dog to make it easier for the younger, gimpy dog to pass?

Pa-lease!  This is Run A Muck Ranch, where there are 2 humans serving 14 furry overlords!  Rather than disturb Gertie, we assist Sarah in an out the door in such a manner as to be gentle on Sarah while not disturbing Gertie.

In doing so, however, I am oft spending the night sleeping flat on my back on Sarah’s couch mounting platform with my feet on the couch as it is the only way I can get relief from my own pain.  Do you realize just how hard and physically straining it is to move a 78 pound Sarah past a 90 pound immovable Gertie?

My back, shoulder and wrists finally gave out.  Remember back when Sarah hurt her leg and we had to support her front end for her?

A simple sports bra made supporting Sarah in her time of need so much easier on all of us!
A simple sports bra made supporting Sarah in her time of need so much easier on all of us!

The sports bra worked so well back then, it seems only logical that we make it a permanent fixture.  It would be so much easier, and less painful on all of us if we had an easier way to assist Sarah.

I already share outer wear with Crabby.  How pathetic would it be if I could honestly say I share underwear with my dog?

Today, you guessed it, I went bra shopping for Sarah. Truth be told, and I don’t know how to take this, but Sarah really needs a larger size than me…

I haven’t shopped for a bra in years.  Yup, pretty pathetic.  Apparently it’s been too long because in the near or distant past, the purpose of a sports bra went from simply holding the girls firmly in place to holding them firmly in place while simultaneously making them look bigger.  Yes sports fans, it is impossible to find an un-padded sports bra.  I checked several places and got the same answer.   The fact that sports bras now ‘enhance’ breast size for women who, by definition of the purpose of the bra itself, will be sweating profusely is very logical.  According to the sales ladies, that I was shopping for a bra for my dog was downright strange. But my back couldn’t take it any more.  I had no choice but to buy Sara a padded sports bra.

Now we have a dilemma.

How exactly do we explain this when we take Sarah out in public???

Yes, Sarah has a woman's rack on her back.
Yes, Sarah has a woman’s rack on her back.
What would you think if you saw this coming at you?
What would you think if you saw this coming at you?
We're hoping the padding eventually 'deflates'.
We’re hoping the padding eventually ‘deflates’.

Poor Gracie Had A Bad Day

Today Gracie went to the dentist.

This time she lost 3 teeth:  2 molars, 1 incisor.

T’was not a good day at all.

If I could see, I'm sure I'd see a bunch of pretty lights right now!
If I could see, I’m sure I’d see a bunch of pretty lights right now!

I’m kind of wondering if we should just ask the vet to remove all teeth from Gracie and Pablo.  Losing teeth every cleaning is getting very frustrating!

Stop the Violence in Australia!!! (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO!)

It seems anymore there is nothing but senseless violence wherever we look.

I try not to look at the photos or watch the videos. I know it’s going on, I don’t need to see it.

But this video got through.

With horror, I watched the entire thing.  Now I can’t get it out of my mind.

It haunts my sleep.

It haunts my waking hours.

I knew the US was a violent place, I had no idea Australia was worse.

We MUST stop these senseless incidents from ever happening again!

I warn you, the video you are about to see is disturbing, both visually and verbally.  If you are of weak constitution, DO NOT click the link.   Once you see it, you can’t UN-see it.

You have been warned.

Page down if you dare.










Problem Solving at Run A Muck Ranch

Gertie has decided the master bathroom, with it’s stone tiles is her room.

The tiles are cool and comfy and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a floor vent blowing fresh, cool air from the AC on a constant basis.

We’ve tried putting dog beds, memory foam mats and the like in the bathroom to give her a softer surface to lay on, but she prefers direct Gertie/cool and refreshing stone contact. We’ve come to believe that elevating her on a softer surface would put her too many precious centimeters higher above the floor vent than she’s willing to risk.

Anywho, you get the gist of how Gertie feels about the bathroom, the floor and more importantly, the floor vent.

While I was at work today, something TERRIBLE happened.

The floor vent somehow got closed.

The constant gush of cool air was gone.

What’s a Gertie to do when conditions aren’t to her liking?

If I was home, she would have come to me, and with “Billy is stuck in the well” urgency, made me follow her to the bathroom to open the vent.

But I wasn’t home, Crabby was.  Men can’t be moms and Gertie knows this.  Rather than ask Crabby for assistance, she took matters into her own paws.

Sweet Relief!  Gertie will live another day.
Sweet Relief! Gertie will live another day.  

Not sure how Gertie figured out that the only way to make the cool air come back was to remove the closed vent, but by golly she figured it out!   Whatever she did, it was impressive enough for Crabby to take a picture.

Tuesday Trivia

Some dog trivia for you!

Tails Around the Ranch

Psst, Sam here. I’m gonna be whispering because Mom is in the other room trying to catch up on blog reading so I thought I’d help her out by doing the latest edition of Tuesday Trivia. Don’t laugh too loud, we don’t want to disturb her, ok? She’s been dying to read what everyone has been up to lately.


  • Did you know that the Kublai Kahn owned 5,000 Mastiffs at one time and holds the record for most dogs ever owned b a single person? Yikes, how’d you like to clean up THAT dog run?
  • That crazy rock star Ozzy Osborne once rescued his wife’s Pomeranian from a coyote by wrestling it until it dropped the dog. That guy is just too weird. After seeing Sharon in action, I think she could handle a mere coyote without having to get Ozzy in the mix but what do I know, I’m just…

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No Respect

You’ve all seen the pics of poor, gimpy Sare Bear being used as a mattress for Emmi, Hector, Franky and DASH!.

Let’s add one more to the list.

Slugger the Flatulent has now decided Sarah makes a great pillow.
Slugger the Flatulent has now decided Sarah makes a great pillow.

You can tell from the look on Sarah’s face she’s just THRILLED with the situation.

Poor Sare Bear can’t get any respect.