Only At Run A Muck Ranch

I told you a while back about Kodi, the visiting heeler.



Not ours, not keeping him!  Just watching him while his mom gets on her feet.

A couple weeks back, Kodi’s leg was swollen.  He had an abscess, we believe due to an encounter with cholla cactus gone bad.

Someone is not pleased over having to wear an e-collar.  If he would have left his leg alone, he wouldn’t have needed it!

Less than 24 hours after finishing his antibiotic for the leg abscess, another, more serious one, opened up in his chest.  The vet said the cavity was 5 to 6 inches deep.  The opening of the abscess was enlarged to promote draining, which may continue for a couple weeks.  Treatment is yet another course of antibiotics and 3 times a day warm compresses.

I give you Kodi today, a week after his surgery:

Still wearing the e-collar, but with the addition of  one of Sarah’s bras to hold a maxi-pad in place.  Mock all you want, but it works!

It never ends at Run A Muck Ranch.


24 thoughts on “Only At Run A Muck Ranch

    1. I’ll kind of be glad when he goes home, though I worry how he’ll re-adjust to being a single city dog after having room to run for a few months.

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Kodi to heal well and quickly!
    They never like these collars, don’t they?
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Here’s hoping when we get this one cleared up, another one doesn’t pop. Crazy that the chest infection survived the antibiotic for the leg!

      1. We had something like that with our Sally years ago after she had been mauled by javalinas. It took her more than a year with multiple trips to our vet to fully heal.

      2. Ouch! Javelina can be nasty when they feel threatened. Morty decided he was going to chase 1 (one). Imagine his surprise when, I think Crabby said, five came at him! Morty was able to get away but has since had a healthy respect for the critters.

      3. They can be very nasty. I’ve refrained from re-posting the pictures I took at that time of Sally’s wounds. Not exactly something to remember.
        I still believe, btw, that it was Javalinas who killed our other dog, Buster [], when one time he took off in panic after I had fired a shotgun in the air with him close by. As fas as I could see, he took off in the direction of where, on the next property, there usually was a bunch of javalinas around. We’ve never seen him since, and I still blame myself.

    1. I was actually quite surprised that we didn’t need an updated prototype. We got lucky it worked right out of the shoot.

    1. I’ve seen many a more brilliant idea, blessedly for problems we haven’t had yet. Always be prepared to think outside the box!

    1. Psst….it’s why I gave up wearing them long ago! Tank tops do the same thing as far as appearance goes, but without the binding 🙂

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