Hell Has Frozen Over

Look who decided to permit me to take a picture without giving you, the viewer, the impression we hang him by his toenails for fun.

Shouldn’t Pablo’s level of cuteness be illegal?

Pictures don’t always tell the truth.  What you see here is a freakishly adorable, completely innocent looking creature.

Make no mistake!  You’re actually looking at Satan’s Cheeewawa!  But we wouldn’t have him any other way.  Innocent and sweet isn’t as fun.

I really need to buckle down and write Pablo’s bio for you.  It’s been almost 2 years already.

19 thoughts on “Hell Has Frozen Over

  1. There are some religions and sects that believe that if you take a picture of an individual, you steal the soul. Pablo needs you to restore his soul with treats.

    1. Pablo is insanely adorable, not that he ever lets us get pics of him. But he is also insanely manipulative. He’s like Puss n’ Boots in Shrek – a tough guy until he needs cute, then he can turn it on to get what he wants.

    1. I don’t think you could possibly attain the levels of evil Pablo has. But he’s cute so he gets away with it!

  2. There is no way Pablo is “Satan’s Cheewawa”, smile. He’s really sweet looking, but if he is anything like my Samson, he’ll tear you limb to limb is he doesn’t want to do what you are asking, lol. If you decide you can’t handle SC, call me, I’ll fly out and get him, smile.

    1. The cute ones who know they’re cute are evil! Still, Satan’s Cheewawa is fun to have around. Besides, where Vito protects the family, Pablo only protects me. I couldn’t live without the second layer of protection!

    1. That he is Satan’s Cheewawa means in reality butter would move into a gaseous state rather quickly!

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