217 Days

Vito had a seizure last night at 10:14 pm.

There was evidence on the office floor that he had one, maybe 2 more while we were at work today.

At 5:31 pm this evening, he had another one.  Crabby had to handle Vito alone during that particular seizure while I got the other dogs out of the way.

Crabby still tears up when it happens.

Vito, post 5:30 seizure.  He just looks like his head hurts 😦

Vito’s last seizure was on June 8, 2015.  217 days ago.   Yes, that’s good news.  No it doesn’t make it any easier.

Poor Vito 😦

Mom and Dad would gladly have the seizure for you if we could Big Guy.



25 thoughts on “217 Days

  1. Vito – Benji and I are thinking of you and sending you hugs. Mom and Dad will do everything to keep you safe and well. – they still need you.

  2. A guy named Vito should be able to take care of himself. Except, of course, when he can’t. Seizures has been a bad word on this street lately.

    1. No worries about that! We don’t want him going through it alone so he sleeps – on a pile of towels – on the people bed. We’re trained to wake up from REM sleep at first twitch.

    1. No medication(s) stop all seizures. We are happy to have gone 217 days! The bummer is he may have had 6 (at least) in 48 hours rather than the usual 4 in 24 hours.

    1. Thank you! It seems, at least for now, that we’re out of it. Here’s hoping its at least another 217 days.

  3. So sorry about this news. Having had a dog years ago who had Grand Mal seizures regularly, I know how hard it is on them physically, the impact on other pets in the home and on the peeps. Please know we’re keeping you and little Vito in our thoughts and prayers that this is just an anomaly not to be confused with a new norm. Healing hugs and puppy kisses coming your way. ღ

    1. Cross fingers for 317 before the next one! Medication doesn’t stop seizures altogether, it just reduces them.

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