If It’s All The Same To You,

I’m gonna stay right here until it stops raining!


It’s been raining since Sunday night.    Getting the dogs to go outside has been traumatic on so many levels.

Where the other dogs still move about the house, Vito has decided to hibernate in what we call the Turbo Charger until climactic conditions improve.


7 thoughts on “If It’s All The Same To You,

  1. Same here but it doesn’t even concern Kali until she comes up to the bed and crawls under the covers (where she sleeps in the winter) for warmth.

  2. Sam would give me that longing look of “where is the umbrella whilst I pee” look. He hates getting wet and apparently looking pathetic seems to work for him-I have been trained to bring an umbrella out if it’s particularly bad. Don’t you just love El Nino? 🙂

    1. Fortunately, we don’t (ahem…) spoil our dogs. They pee in the rain. It’s getting them outside to do it that’s tricky!

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