January 3, 2016 – It FINALLY Happened!

Marcy gave her Dad a hug. 

So shocked were we over this event that Crabby was afraid to move lest he scare Marcy off.  It was only by dumb luck I was in position with the camera on.


Eventually, she sort of snuggles in.  Notice Crabby hasn’t moved his head and his hands are pretty much where they were when the hug started.  Like I said, he was afraid to move!

It only took 3 years.

This event is almost as special as the first time Emmi peed off property several months after she moved in.  Yup, we got a picture of that too!



13 thoughts on “January 3, 2016 – It FINALLY Happened!

  1. I understand the wonder of this momentous occasion more than you could know. When I rescued my Romeo he was so afraid of everything especially humans he literally was scared well you know, anyone who came near him if they could get near him would be covered in urine and feces he shook with fear so badly I was afraid he would have a heart attack at any moment, but after many years and lots of love he is not only my cuddle puppy he is my protector and I love him dearly!. He only tolerates my 2 kids and would likely bite them if they where to try to touch me on my bed his/our domain. not perfect but I will take it. Thanks for sharing I love to see these milestones.

    1. I just wish she would open up more to people outside Run A Muck Ranch. It is only when she will be like the rest – happy to meet anyone – will we have done good.

  2. Although both are rescues from death’s row in kill shelters, Kaci is still uncomfortable with any being outside of the family. Kali, however, is fearless. Kaci shies away from Lilly the rescue greyhound next door because Lilly is so big. Kali stands on her hind legs to give Lilly a kiss. They’re all good in their hearts, just different and some take more time than others.

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