Good Bye Sare Bear

The world lost a beautiful soul on Christmas Eve.



It wasn’t her neurological issues that took her.  It was her lungs.

As is always the case, my condolences go out to all of you who never had the honor of meeting our Sarah.  You missed out on one of the most special experiences you ever could have had.  Though she never met you, Sarah loved you.


sara butt scratcjh

Losing Sarah is particularly hard on us in so many ways and for so many reasons.  That is why I can’t write the long tribute I always do when Heaven decides it needs one of our kids for its own selfish needs.

I’m sorry I can’t write something pretty for you Sare Bear.   As it turns out, we needed you a lot more than you needed us.  We’re both really mad that you left us.  Even though this is the only thing you have ever done wrong, it’s a big one and it will take some time to forgive you.

Until we can forgive, everything we did to make the house more accessible for you, every gadget we improvised to help you move better, your blankets and your pillows, everything,  stays where it is as a reminder of the significant pieces of our hearts you took with you.  We may never put things back the way they were before you moved in.


DSC_0114 (2)


Just know Sare Bear, as angry as we are at you right now, we miss you more.  We would have carried you forever if that’s what it took.  We would have done anything.

We loved you before we even met and we will love you forever.


56 thoughts on “Good Bye Sare Bear

  1. By not writing anything pretty about her … you certainly did! You paid her a tribute of which she would be justifiably proud! 🙂
    Be at peace “Sare Bear” and enjoy your new life.

    1. Sarah got a raw deal. She never got to run and play like the other dogs, at least without falling down. Maybe now she can do everything she couldn’t before.

      1. Oh I am so going to miss sweet Sare Bear. I’m glad I got one last hug and lean from her this past week. I will miss my visiting couch potato. She will be greatly missed

      2. You’re one of the lucky ones who actually got to meet her. She certainly did meld with your couch when she had the opportunity, didn’t she?

  2. I cried too and with you, after reading this. Hearing about losing something so precious in your life has to be tough, and if you need a shoulder to lean on or one to wipe your tears on…..I am here for you. May comfort find your heart. 💙

    1. Thank you.

      Our Pablo has never seen either of us cry (moved in June 2014). He is very upset. Crabby has manned up by now , but before that, Pablo would run from one to the other licking the tears away. So, we have the tear wiper here, we just have to not cry because it upsets him.

  3. I cannot even tell you how sad i am at reading this..and indeed it was our loss that we could not meet Sare Bear in person..i would be pretty bloody angry too…life is beyond unfair …i send you my hugs and love ..not enough but honest and heartfelt ..bless her cottons…:( xxxxx

    1. Life was unfair to Sarah. I wish she could have been at 100% so she could have had fun stories to tell. I hope we kept her as happy as she could possibly be under the circumstances.

      As mad as we are at her right now, we are also very lucky that she was ours to lose. I would do it over and over again with the same ending – I just wish it could be without the neuro issues so Sare Bear could get in trouble sometimes.

    1. Christmas doesn’t seem to work in our favor sometimes. We lost our Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) the day after Christmas several years ago. It was hard to look forward to the anniversary of losing him as it was. Now it’s doubly sad.

      Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) was one of the first to snuggle up to Sarah for warmth when she moved in. He learned the trick from our Otis (another pitbull, our first actually) who had passed a year I think it was before Sarah moved in.

      I think Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) is very warm now, snuggling up to both Sarah and Otis and they’re all 3 happy and safe.

      That’s how I choose to see it.

      But Christmas will always be sad to me.

  4. We’re very sorry you lost such a special friend. You gave her some extra years that she, you, Crabby, and the rest of the pack cherished. I hope you both can find some way to somehow balance your gift against your loss.

    1. Sorry Kali, you never met Sarah. You met Emmi. Still it was as wonderful an honor to meet Emmi as it was for Emmi to meet you.

  5. You’re right – I do feel that I have missed out in not having the pleasure of seeing her smile in person. I am so very sorry for your loss but I take comfort from the fact that even though we never met, she loved me too.

    1. There was a full moon that night. Rather than become a new star, Sare Bear just caught a ride on the full moon. She always preferred the path of least resistance.

      Hugs to you Easy. You are one lucky kid.

  6. There are no words that could ease the pain you will now carry. Sarah will always be a part of you for she left her paw prints right where she touched you: in your heart. Like a life boat in time her memory will live forever.

    1. We didn’t realize the hold she had on us. We’ll get to the smiles eventually. Right now we’re just wandering.

  7. My condolences to you. I’m feeling with you. I know how it is to have to let go of our four-legged friends, after we lost our Sally [] last year and our Chiquita [] just this September. I just like to think that they’re now in their “eternal happy hunting-grounds” and have a better life than even we with all our care could give them.

    1. I am so sorry for your losses so close together. Unlike yours though, Sarah wasn’t a hunter – she was a pacifist. Her “eternal grounds” will have the most comfortable couch imaginable, possibly with a massager, and she will be blanketed with the warmth of baby bunnies that Sarah would never harm.

      Chiquita is beautiful. I didn’t see any pics of Sally. Do you have a link to where I can see her?

      1. Thanks for your interest in Sally. I’m happy to provide a link. You can see her here: And maybe you’ll like this [] video of Chiquita. It seems to work only with the Internet Explorer, though.
        Have a great week,

  8. Don’t be angry with sweet Sarah. She carried your hearts just as long as she could. Now you can carry her in yours. Hugs to you and Crabby.

    1. I’m angry with you now. We just spent a day dry eyes and then I logged on and your If Dogs Could Fly post showed # 1 in my reader. I can’t stop crying. It made me think of Sare Bear. Beautiful post that I will be sharing when I am more emotionally stable 🙂 I know it had nothing to do with loss, but it is everything I wish Sare Bear could have done when she was with us. If she could fly, she wouldn’t have been a prisoner to her handicaps.

      1. You have to stop now. Pablo gets very upset when I cry!

        There have been many losses in these parts over the last month. I have a feeling your If Dogs Could Fly post will cause a lot of tears in these parts. Just shared it on our FB pages.

  9. I’m sorry for your loss. Sarah was a treasure for you – try not to be too mad at her. She loved you so much and you were a blessing in her life. Prayers and good thoughts are being sent your way. Toby & Momma Sabina

  10. I’m so sorry. I know EXACTLY how you feel. It won’t end, ever, but you guys will learn to live around Sarah’s passing. It’s the only way I can function without Samson. Praying for the animal AND human pack. Run, Sarah, Run…it must feel wonderful to be healthy and whole again. Hugs!

    1. We will continue to keep doing this to ourselves. The dogs have power over us. You would think though that we would have become hardened by now to the losses -at least that’s what we thought would happen. Instead, it never gets easier.

  11. So sorry to read this. Like so many of your other readers, I have known that pain (and will again). Sending you and your pack Love and Light, in hopes it will help in some way. It never does get easier, no matter how many you lose.

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