Another Lesson in Priorities

After quite a bit of deliberation and discussion, we decided it was time to buy a blanket for couch sitting. All we’ve had to this point is a very light 6 foot stadium blanket.  The Horde finished eating the last real one we had I think it was 2 years ago.

An evening out was designated for the purposes of procuring a brandy new snugly people couch blanket.  We returned home with a full sized, plush, promise of warmth.

The blanket was left on the couch as we made our sitting preparations.  Unfortunately we put it in a bad place.


After much argument and offers of bribes back and forth, we determined neither of us had the heart to take the blanket away from sweet, wobbly, gimpy Sarah.

If it had been any of the others, we would have had no issue – but Sarah – that’s a different story.

So, until Sarah moved her person to another location, and because I lost the coin toss…


When did we got from being the Masters to being the servants????

12 thoughts on “Another Lesson in Priorities

  1. Interesting question. I asked my friend Mr. Holmes ( no, this is Fred Holmes, he runs the hardware store) and his comment was “and just when did you acquire your very first dog?

  2. For my peeps it was about 7 years ago. That’s when I appeared on the scene and the dogs have ruled ever since. Do you think that’s a connection?

  3. that’s what I ask me too…. hahaha. We waited yesterday till Easy finished his “I’m there because I can”-sit in on the sofa before we replaced it… I sometimes think I’m more than just dog-crazy :o)

  4. BOL, the other replies have it right… who said you were ever the masters?? It took me a while to train my best friend – but now she knows how to give me treats when I sit, give a paw, jump over agility jumps, and … oh all sorts of places. She’s quite good at it now 🙂

  5. Just think of yourself as ‘staff’ – it’s an easier pill to swallow than thinking of yourself as a servant (though probably just a fine line). Anyway, there’s always the floor, right? Welcome to my world-AKA the hardwood floors. 😉

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