22 thoughts on “Establishing Alpha at Run A Muck Ranch

    1. We just can’t believe how far Emmi has come. She was so sick and broken back in the beginning we didn’t think she would live. Then she was so distrusting it took months before she started to open up. Now we can’t beat her off with a stick (or an inflatable hammer) without her getting the last word!

      1. It’s your success with Marcy that I am truly in awe of. We have had a feral pup at the rescue for two years. You can get him on a leash now and he’ll walk around you inquisitively, but he doesn’t want us too close, and he’ll bolt if given the opportunity. He lives with his pack in the senior yard, though – and he’s very happy to have their company.

      2. To correct again – not ‘my’ success. I just happened to be the one the others loved best (except Morty – but even he knows men can’t be moms).

        The only thing I can figure is that through the powers of observation, careful note taking and eventual epiphany, Marcy taking to me was based on the way the others interact with me. She loved them, they loved me, therefore she loves me by association.

        I actively did nothing, and what little I did do was shown in the videos that YouTube deleted. If you happened to see them your ears would still be ringing from all the screaming Marcy did! Honestly, for a few months I thought she was going to have to go to Best Friends where she could be set loose in a pen with others like herself for the rest of her life!

        No ‘awe’ earned. We ourselves are still scratching our heads over Marcy.

      3. We’ve come a long way with Red, as well. A test of will and patience. But he’s not going anywhere. He has the best and most comfortable of all worlds with his pack and special at-will housing/yard.

      4. That’s HUGE! Other people may not understand but I sure do. If Marcy carried a toy, even for a minute, I would probably break down in tears, for sure I would be grinning from ear to ear.

        Marcy is just now only thinking about playing with the laundry as I try to fold it. Not there yet, but thinking about it. It will be 3 years in February 2016.

    1. We tried back when it happened but were told we had ‘inappropriate content’. Not sure what in our videos of The Horde was inappropriate. In the end we blamed it on Willy – he’s from the middle east after all. Perhaps he sent subliminal messages to American dogs telling them to rise up against us. Fortunately, Willy has decided he likes things the way they are and we think he is no longer sending the messages.

    1. If watching a middle aged man in his underwear beating his dogs with an inflatable hammer makes your day… we’re here for you!

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