Yesterday, it rained on and off all day.  Of course I had to work outside in it.  Let me tell you:  Cold (we were in the low 70’s) temperatures + arthritis in a manual labor job does not = a good day.  I ended up running the hot water heater empty in the shower trying to get my joints functional to partake in my at-home manual labor work.

I know, I’m whining when I shouldn’t be.  After all, there are many who have it worse.

Take, for example Franky and Pablo.

While yesterday the windows were closed, and the respirations of 14 dogs were enough to keep the house bearably warm, today I deliberately opened the windows before I left for work.

How cruel of me!  I don’t think we even reached 70 today, and with the windows open there was no way The Horde could properly ‘self heat’ the house!

I came home to the pitiful sight of Franky and Pablo, shivering uncontrollably.  Franky was near death, crying from the cold.  (For the record, that was a couple hours ago, and as of the writing of this, the outside temperature is 60 as the sun is going down).

So what if Mom has to work in unholy weather conditions ranging from 100+ degrees in the blazing sun in the summer to barely 32 degrees with occasional misty rain in the winter, what is MORE important is that the boys are comfortable!

Looks like we'll need to take Pablo clothes shopping to get something that fits him better.
How could you leave the windows open Mom!  We almost froze to death!

17 thoughts on “Pathetic

    1. The sweaters went on after I found them near death from exposure, somewhere in the upper 60 degree range. What would they do if they lived somewhere where it REALLY got cold?!??!?!

      Someone recommended we move to Hawaii where the temperatures are pretty steady around the K9 preferred 82 degrees.

      1. But above 60 degrees?!?!?! That’s everything above the 70th parallel here in the states!!! I would get it if we were in the 40’s.

  1. Err. But 70° that’s like 21°C? That’s WARM. 60° would be 15°C and that’s the temperature I got in the living room now during the day, before I light a fire in the evening. Yes, Normandy can be a bit cold at times, but it’s not extremely cold. Only one of my dogs ever complained – outside – and that was in winter, when the temperatures outside were below 0°C/32°F You got strange dogs, they probably exaggerated a bit to make you feel guilty?

    1. Everything is relative. I live about 5km away from the Ranch. A couple of months ago it was 43C. A couple of weeks ago it was 38C. After your body acclimates to that, the sudden change in weather on a body is what counts. The humidity also skyrocketed from 6% to about 100% and there’s been wind with the rain. It felt like a raw, wintery day.

      1. Thing is, the inside temp was maintained at the preferred 83 degrees with forays into the warm outside limited to potty breaks, when I forced them. No excuse for the overreaction to the 60’s! Even DASH!, who gets cold very easy, wasn’t shivering that day!

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