Poor Gracie Had A Bad Day

Today Gracie went to the dentist.

This time she lost 3 teeth:  2 molars, 1 incisor.

T’was not a good day at all.

If I could see, I'm sure I'd see a bunch of pretty lights right now!
If I could see, I’m sure I’d see a bunch of pretty lights right now!

I’m kind of wondering if we should just ask the vet to remove all teeth from Gracie and Pablo.  Losing teeth every cleaning is getting very frustrating!

27 thoughts on “Poor Gracie Had A Bad Day

  1. Poor Gracie. My heart goes out to her. The Man was abused before he was rescued and we ended up having to have all his teeth removed, for similar reasons, he kept loosing them. Our Vet decided it was better for him to have them removed. I was worried about his ability to eat, but that was no problem and he was able to eat well. Hugs to both Gracie and Pablo

    1. It gets so frustrating! Gracie has been with us for at least (how sad it is we can’t remember exactly…) 8 years. You would think we would have a handle on it by now! Also, not understanding why she and none of the others, with the exception of Willy’s trauma teeth and a freak with Emmi, always loses at least 1 tooth each cleaning.

    1. If this is the worst thing that happens to her, she’s still doing a lot better than many dogs. No worries!

  2. Oh dear, poor little girl, if her teeth are giving a lot of grief, maybe it is best to just have them removed, and give her mushed up dinners, and she can still suck a bone. !

  3. She’s at least 10 now, and still has 1/2 her teeth. Vet says when she starts looking and acting senior, we may consider taking everything but the canines, which are her best teeth.

  4. Poor girl. I am a strong believer in brushing of the teeth – every night! I leave my dog’s toothbrush in the bathroom and as soon as I brush my teeth – it is her turn. That way, I never forget.

    1. We did the tooth brushing (Gracie actually pulled her own lips back after a while) and the dental chews, but she still lost 2 teeth next visit. Vet thinks it’s a genetic defect.

  5. Ask your vet about using Clindamycin about 3-4 times a year. It helps kill the bacteria and keeps the guns healthy (it works for pets) It’s used pre and post dental and I keep the injectable but it comes on capsule form. It will kill a lot of the bacteria in the dog’s mouth thus saving the teeth. Gracie is the cutest dog ever. Bless her pea-picking heart. 🙂

      1. Did I miss something> Are you ailing in some way? I am so far behind on my blog reader list so I may have not found out yet!.

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