The End of the Couch Wars

We surrendered.

When I tried to sit on the couch with Morty, he deliberately stretched out so I had nowhere to sit. Sigh....
When I tried to sit on the couch with Morty, he deliberately stretched out so so there was no room. Sigh….

I was used to the floor anyway.


22 thoughts on “The End of the Couch Wars

      1. I have no idea but you hit the nail on the paw. 🙂 I jump to attention when mine bark groan or whine. They don’t sleep with me nor do they take over the sofa. I got rid of a sofa that was worn out and never got another. All the dogs have their own bed, The beds are spread out all over my den.

  1. I can see from my cage that it is going to be another of “those” mornings. Kaci and Kali take up the bed and when He wakes up, all his limbs have gone to sleep because he’s pretzeled Himself to avoid bothering the dogs. He stumbles until his limbs “wake up”.

    1. How is it that Crabby and I work every day and yet Morty is the one who gets the personal couch? It ain’t right!

    1. I find the Kirkland brand dog bed is very comfortable for general sitting and TV watching purposes. When I get kicked off the people bed, lining up 2 Kirkland beds lined up provides most excellent lumbar support. The rectangular ones are better than the round ones. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the rectangular one in years and the 2 we have left are on their last legs.

      What’s your brand?

      1. I looked up “pure loft” and didn’t get any hits. Liking the potential of a neck rest. Do tell more about it!

        How sad is it that I’m looking for a better dog bed for me to sit on?

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