Problem Solving at Run A Muck Ranch

Gertie has decided the master bathroom, with it’s stone tiles is her room.

The tiles are cool and comfy and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a floor vent blowing fresh, cool air from the AC on a constant basis.

We’ve tried putting dog beds, memory foam mats and the like in the bathroom to give her a softer surface to lay on, but she prefers direct Gertie/cool and refreshing stone contact. We’ve come to believe that elevating her on a softer surface would put her too many precious centimeters higher above the floor vent than she’s willing to risk.

Anywho, you get the gist of how Gertie feels about the bathroom, the floor and more importantly, the floor vent.

While I was at work today, something TERRIBLE happened.

The floor vent somehow got closed.

The constant gush of cool air was gone.

What’s a Gertie to do when conditions aren’t to her liking?

If I was home, she would have come to me, and with “Billy is stuck in the well” urgency, made me follow her to the bathroom to open the vent.

But I wasn’t home, Crabby was.  Men can’t be moms and Gertie knows this.  Rather than ask Crabby for assistance, she took matters into her own paws.

Sweet Relief!  Gertie will live another day.
Sweet Relief! Gertie will live another day.  

Not sure how Gertie figured out that the only way to make the cool air come back was to remove the closed vent, but by golly she figured it out!   Whatever she did, it was impressive enough for Crabby to take a picture.


19 thoughts on “Problem Solving at Run A Muck Ranch

    1. She’s our calorie counter – there’s another AC vent next to the fridge, and in front of the food cabinets. When she lays down on it, we can’t get to our food! She says she’s worried about our health.

  1. She is the smartest dog ever! Brilliant. You had better hope she doesn’t share her brains with the others or soon you will find the refrigerator emptied on a daily basis.

    1. If only some of that super smartness would come out in such a way that we could make some money on it! But nay! Even when they’re doing something that could go viral on a video they stop once the camera comes out.

    1. In our case, it isn’t a case that our Slugger isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, he was the bulb that never made it out of the factory because he failed initial inspection. We will never have to worry about him showing intelligence. We would be happy with a coherent thought.

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