22 thoughts on “Uh Oh!

    1. Ding ding to the man who got it! No Willy is NOT a fan of bath time and he doesn’t hide his feelings for several hours after.

      1. I have seen that same look from our dog and no matter what breed/bred mix it is the same: A undeniably look of betrayal….till it is time to eat that is and all is forgiven 🙂

        Great capture of one of the many expressions of our wonderful companions and champions of our humanity!


      2. Says the person who obviously doesn’t know Gertie – she’ll come in the shower uninvited when she wants a bath, which is often since her brothers seem to like to pee on her.

    1. Willy didn’t inherit the Couch Gene. My guess is there weren’t many couches in Afghanistan for his ancestors to acclimate to.

      Hint: Very unhappy wet dog.

  1. To end a not so good week, the computer has gone strange and I have become anonymous. Last week I was Edgar62 today I don’t seem to be anyone. I am still here I haven’t left the planet – yet.

      1. For the boys here it is the next best thing to being taken to the vet..yet find a dam a pool a river…go figure..if it is cold..dirty..smelly they love it..clean warm and bubbly..forget it 🙂 bath tails all round 🙂

    1. Pablo can really lay it on : Picture one ear up, the other half down, head lowered with giant puppy dog eyes staring up at you.

      We had someone out pumping our septic tank today and Pablo wanted to help. He kept jumping just out of reach when I tried to grab him, so I finally yelled at him. He assumed “the position”.

      Big, burly septic pumper melted. He wanted to let Pablo stay.

      I on the other hand, with great sternness informed Pablo that “That” doesn’t work on me anymore and that he should get his furry butt to the door if he didn’t want me to sell him to the circus, pointing for emphasis.

      Pablo went to the door as told, and lived happily ever after. Septic pumping guy thinks I’m cruel.

      In other words, I CAN say not falling for that!

      (not that I didn’t fall for it before Pablo used it one too many times….)

    1. The vent cover isn’t screwed on, but it is tight. I checked Gertie’s paws to make sure she didn’t injure herself in her endeavors 🙂

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