Too Much Sadness This Week

Today I learned of the passing of 2 dear friends.

Chienne, loved by Edgar, passed away after a short illness on Friday.  To make matters even worse, The Man, Edgar’s second dog passed away not so many months ago.

The Man and Chienne - Forever Loved
The Man and Chienne – Forever Loved

Chienne and The Man lived to be very old and were loved to the end.

Trevor from Write to Wag also passed away on Friday.

Sweet Trevor
Sweet Trevor

Trevor also lived to be old and wise and was very much loved.

May all dogs have the lives of these.

Please send your healing thoughts to both Edgar and Write to Wag that they may move past the pain and on to the happy memories soon.

This just seems like an appropriate time to share again something given to us by Tails Around The Ranch:


Many healing hugs to Edgar and Write to Wag from Run A Muck Ranch.


7 thoughts on “Too Much Sadness This Week

  1. I’m so sorry for all the good and very loved dogs who have recently gone to doggie heaven. Pet loss is the pits and I have lost 2 very dear cats this summer and my beloved Dancer (dog) a year ago this past August. I could not bring myself to write about their lives or their passing but I mentioned briefly the passing of one of my cats.

    My heart goes out to the bloggers who have lost their dogs. It is really rough to accept the loss of a pet that we have cared for and loved for many years. My heart goes out to them with deepest empathy and sympathy.

  2. How true the words of Rudyard Kipling, ‘Brothers and sisters I bid you beware, of giving your heart to a dog to tear’ I have had to say good bye to too many dogs in my life, you can read about them in My heart goes out to you.

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