The Evolution of Office Space

There wasn’t enough room on my old desk to do anything but play on the computer.

There was nowhere else in the house I could do work – school, research, administrative work for The Barkista, etc. No matter where I went, a pack of mutts was sure to follow to, at least in their opinions, “help” me with whatever I was doing.

The bed was the only place I could spread out my books. As you can see, the conditions are not 'ideal', at least for work purposes.
The bed was the only place I could spread out my books. As you can see, the conditions were not ‘ideal’, at least for work purposes.

Shutting the door against The Horde was not a consideration lest I wanted to cause various stress related life threatening conditions.  Keep in mind, I haven’t been able to close the bathroom door since, I think 2010…2011 for sure.

With the constant research required for staying on top of recent research into dog nutrition, as well as cross referencing and cross checking against previously recorded data, I was at a loss.  My only option was to go to a library (none close) and spread out over a table.  Unfortunately, that took me away from home and dogs.   I’m gone all day at work – the kids don’t want me gone again in the evenings!

Crabby sought to rectify the situation.  He scored on some surplus office furniture and re-did the office.

Now, not only do I have a place ON the desk for my computer and monitor, but the printer too, with significant space to spare – on that one side.  At a right angle to that portion of the desk I have a return with plenty of room to spread out, and a chair that doesn’t tweak my back!

Can you say AWESOME!

Perhaps you speak too soon.

New Desk, Night 1:


New Desk, Day 3:


New Desk, Night 4:


At my feet, at this very moment, I’m dealing with this

Put me up Mom, put me up!
Put me up Mom, put me up!

And this:

Pllleeeeeze put me up Ma!
Pllleeeeeze put me up Ma!

I’m never going to win, am I?

23 thoughts on “The Evolution of Office Space

    1. I give in to stop the whining. It’s how our people handle all men…

      Vito keeps putting his head on the keyboard in his sleep. Fortunately I can slide him off without waking him up. His hair is silky and the desk top is smooth.

  1. You had to ask ??? I have not closed a bathroom door since 2000…the millenium milestone of my life..i can’t pee anymore unless 4 cats and two dogs are staring at me..i am lucky the 3 sherp do not know how to open a door…;)

  2. Are you going to win? Not a chance! We have all those issues but with one large dog who can stretch himself out to fill a two seater sofa with no difficulty. Our work area is in the basement where ho does not go but, unless he is listening to the radio upstairs, we get some sad doggy vocals drifting throughout the house. 🙂

    1. I don’t get sad doggy vocals, I get indignant ones or proclamations of “MOM! You ‘accidentally’ shut the doooorrrrr!” There was at least once incidence of threats of Huffing and puffing and blowing the door down as well.

  3. Lol. I loved your post, and no, you will not win, but who would want to? Your furry kids are adorable. I am a dog trainer and I used to board up to 5 dogs at my house and to be honest that is the most enjoyable time I remember having with dogs. By the way, the bathroom ordeal, I went through that too. But, not with my dog Alex, but rather with 2 dogs that were boarding with me: Walter, Aussie, would be my 55lbs. shadow; and Roxy, a Pom, my 10lbs. shadow. I had them both a few times boarding and I had to close the door in order to use the bathroom. Once I came out, they were both waiting for me. Such adorable creatures!

    1. As others have mentioned, the dogs don’t have wings. Someone had to put them on the desk. They annoy the heck out of me sometimes, but I can’t imagine a life without the ‘annoyance’ 🙂

    1. Hi Monika. It’s easy. Ray was really getting on my nerves once (royally pissed me off) in his early days with us, by his constant and quite aggressive barking. I was not going to pander to him so I retreated to the bathroom and slammed the door behind me. I rather suspect that he was much closer to the door than I thought because he now has a very healthy respect for that door. It can close whenever it wants to!!!!

      1. To Colin:

        You should take a picture of your closed bathroom door from the inside and sell it to dog people who forgot what it looks like!

        To Tails:

        When we crossed the 10 dog mark, we gave up on having guests. Sigh…

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