Poor Sarah

I attempted a short outing for Sarah and some of her siblings early this morning before the heat came on.

By the time we got home, Sarah was nearly in tremors, panting profusely.

I wiped her down with a wet towel, positioned her in front of a fan and spoon fed her small portions of refrigerated food to help cool her down.

Later, we moved her to the couch, with a cold pack beneath the couch cover, a wet towel on her head, and a fan blowing on her.

She survived.

It was 79 degrees out when I checked the temperature, after we got home.  We walked, at most, 3/4 of a mile in 30 minutes.

It seems we are getting closer to Sarah’s dream of having a urinary catheter and a colostomy bag installed so she never has to leave the couch!

It was almost 83 degrees outside Ma!  You could have killed me!  (Wet cloth on her head, fan in front of her to help her cool down.)
It was almost 83 degrees outside Ma! You could have killed me! 

18 thoughts on “Poor Sarah

  1. Poor Sarah. I don’t take the dog out until late at night when the sun has gone down and it’s cooler. Chienne is very much Australian ;
    “I hate summer
    Summer is a bummer
    my favourite position
    Is in a room with air-conditioning”
    But even with the sun down, it’s still warm to hot so I try to restrict the distance and I do carry a back pack with a Water bottle and a bowl. We curtailed her walk last night because she was not the best. I can see the Dog-Walker coming into use soon.

    1. It’s actually cooler in the wee hours of the am. As you move into summer, we’re waning into fall. We can actually open our windows at night now! That Sare Bear overheated at or below 79 … not sure if we can take her on Sunday Family Desert walks anymore even if the temps are lower.

      Funny thing is she walks with Gertie most eves, and it’s usually warmer than it was this morning. Curious indeed.

  2. I guess Sarah is just too accustomed to being in the house. My dogs run a one acre tract that has a lot of shade trees but our temps this summer have been around 99-101 or so. They come to the door when they are ready to come in and gee are they ready to get on their beds in the crates. You did good by cooling her down rapidly. I have had one over heated BC and I really had to do some high work to cool him down,\. That was several years ago.

    1. We don’t keep the dogs out very long when it’s warm out – not by choice. If it is too warm or too cold, they do their business as quickly as possible and then cry at the door. It’s hard to believe any one of them came from non-temperature controlled places!

      Alas, wo is me – I have to work in the heat and the cold, rain, sleet, snow, or anything else the clouds throw at me and do any of the dogs care? Nay! Nay I say!

  3. Quelle surprise. A Run-A-Muck ranch dog who has grown accustomed to an inside dog life! You might start thinking about that move to cooler climates to ensure Sarah’s future comfort. 🙂

    1. Can’t do that because she doesn’t do below 70 degrees. Actually, none of the short haired or shorter haired dogs, except Marcy do below 70. My guess is Hawaii. Doesn’t it stay around 82 year round? Wait – that won’t work because none of the dogs do rain.

      No way to please them.

  4. i’m thinking sara and i would get along just fine I can’t stand the heat my self thats why i moved from phoenix to Iowa ! now if I could just get rid of the ice storms it would be paradise!. thanks for the laughs I needed them today! stay cool!!!!!

  5. Why was she having such trouble? She’s used to the walks, correct? I bet she would love a kiddy pool which only she could use. My pack look at water and head the other way. Poor Sarah, you traumatized her mommy, smile.

    1. Not sure what happened. She walks in the eves with Gertie and it’s warmer. Maybe the excitement of being away from the home street set her motor in overdrive.

    1. I would never have taken Sare Bear out in summer temperatures, what with her inability to survive in temperatures above 83 degrees and all. It was 79 when I checked, AFTER we got home and I had spent some time cooling her down. Not sure why she overheated in our “winter” daytime temps!

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