Laying Down New Couch Laws

Hence, heretofore, forthwith:

No more than 2 (two) creatures of the species

Canis familiaris, aka “dog”

shall be allowed on the couches at any time.  

It is written and therefore it shall be LAW.


I guess the language of the Law should have included a provision that the 2 dogs on the couch had to leave room for at least 1 human.

Foiled again!

19 thoughts on “Laying Down New Couch Laws

  1. Yeah, you know you’re never gonna win that battle, right? Dogs are a lot like lawyers…they’re ALWAYS looking for the loopholes. 😉 Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday with paws crossed you get to sit on the sofa at some point soon.

    1. You are correct! They are geniuses when it comes to loop holes! I have since been able to sit on the couch from time to time, but I have yet to be able to lay down on it!

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