More Troubles In Willy World

I’ve gotten way behind on my house chores.  An unexpected early work day gives me the opportunity to catch up.

Among the plethora of chores I’m behind on is laundry.  Dog laundry to be more specific.  Every week I wash all dog beds, blankets and even their toys.

I just started the 3rd load, and noticed the living room had no more toys strewn about.  I could have sworn there were more.

Then I found this:

Don’t worry Toys, I’ll make sure you get to stay smelly!

Apparently Willy is as displeased over the prospect of laundering the toys today as he was over my timing of washing the couch cover yesterday.

He’s going to be quite peeved in about 30 minutes when the current wash load is finished and the bed he’s sleeping on will be disassembled for the next one.


6 thoughts on “More Troubles In Willy World

  1. He’s too funny! I do the dog binkies and covers and toys on Saturdays. They know not to go get on their binkies, I’ll just pull them out from under them. Animals are so funny.

    1. If he played with them I would understand. He only plays with tennis balls and Do Do Birds. Seeing him hoard the last of the unwashed toys was unexpected.

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