The New Couch!

After what we think is about 15 years, we FINALLY got us a new couch!

Isn’t it beautiful?


We live with 14 dogs.  What did you expect?


12 thoughts on “The New Couch!

  1. I have the same couch :o) I wonder why I wasted so much time with looking for the perfect color and material… it’s anyway covered with blankets, so I can take any couch… life can be easy with dogs, huh?

    1. But you hardly have any hair! How can you possibly shed enough to need couch covers????

      Knowing we would never see the couch naked, we really didn’t bother looking to color coordinate 🙂

  2. The real question is – is it good for napping? The colour and material are of less importance than the ability to sustain a good nap. As long as it’s “:nappable” it’s a good couch…

    1. I haven’t had a chance to even stretch out on it, but it has passed the dogs’ stamp of approval 🙂

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