The Once And Former

Remember when Morty moved in?  He just showed up in the driveway one day, smelling wild, and refused to leave.

Morty, the day he showed up, Memorial Day weekend, 2012.
Morty, the day he showed up, Memorial Day weekend, 2012.

No one claimed him.

Turns out, Morty and Crabby had a similar interest:  the love of nature and getting away from it all.  And so it came to pass that Morty became Crabby’s Main Mutt.

The Noble Beast in his element.
The Noble Beast in his element. (2012)

Morty had no fear.


The ground was his bed and the sky was his blanket. If he got tired, he just lay down where ever he was and took a snooze.   He needed no comforts of home, the Wild was his home.


So rugged was Morty, he could even carry his own pack and it never slowed him down.


But then things started to change.


And then they changed some more.


And here we are today:

I present to you, The Once and Former Noble Beast, now known as Princess Morty.

Princess Morty, 7/4/15
Princess Morty, 7/4/15

20 thoughts on “The Once And Former

  1. It seems to me this wonderful companion has earned his rest….. and pampering. May we all be as free, and lucky enough, to land in a place like yours after life has happened to us.

    1. Ha! Rest you say? This is the same dog who, if I were to attempt to sleep late on my one and only day off, will backpaw me repeatedly until I wake up and get him his breakfast! Mom needs some rest! Do you know of any driveways I can show up in where I will be taken in and get spoiled? 🙂

    1. I thought he was simply protecting the camp against bears? Didn’t you tell me how dangerous it is to leave food out in bear country???

  2. Yes, well, even the most leathered-faced – tough as nails bushman comes to a point where he likes a bit of comfort now and then. Perhaps Morty has reached that stage where a bit of comfort and a little TLC is quite acceptable – even to rugged Morty…..

  3. Morty’s story reminded me of me, and most people I know! We start off very independent, assertive, fighting for our rights and those of others etc. etc. but, over the course of time, become more resilient; more “comfortable”: more at one with the world. I guess we just mellow to a point where, instead of fighting against everything we don’t agree with, we now pick our fights! I am constantly amazed at how much we can learn from dogs! 🙂 Long live Morty! 🙂

    1. I’d like to say Morty is the only of the wolf children to go to the posh side, but Marcy’s worse. If she lost access to a people bed, her world would shatter – more than it did when she was trapped and forced into captivity 🙂

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