Pablo and Gertie, Continued

A year ago, almost to the day, Crabby brought Gertie and Pablo home, after they had spent the day abandoned at a McDonalds, tied to a tree, with no water. It was 107 degrees.   There had been Facebook chatter about them all day, but other than the original poster taking water to them, no one stepped up to help.  Crabby took the long way home from work and brought them to The Ranch.

The FB photo posted last year of Gertie and Pablo tied to the tree.
The FB photo posted last year of Gertie and Pablo where they were abandoned.  An employee of a neighboring business took them water and checked on them throughout the day.

A sign was left at the tree the kids were tied to, in case their person had been in an accident or something.  A few days later, we got a call from a man claiming they were his dogs.  We were supposed to meet that evening, but he didn’t call me back.  So began a few weeks of him sending texts I told him I couldn’t receive, calls with changing stories, and the inclusion of an outside person with more experience than I in these situations.

First night at The Ranch.  Gertie was exhausted and very dehydrated.
First night at The Ranch. Gertie was exhausted and very dehydrated.

Mention was made of an ex-wife, so I posted several Craig’s List ads, just in case Pablo and Gertie were pawns in a domestic dispute. No responses, at least none that produced pictures or descriptions coming close to Gertie and/or Pablo.  Gertie didn’t have a micro chip, but Pablo did.  Unfortunately, his chip was never registered.

Time passed, Pablo’s appetite for the taste of human flesh made him un-adoptable, and we had a chunky vet bill to get his teeth fixed, so he was given his promise that Run A Muck Ranch was his forever home.  Gertie didn’t receive her promise until a vet recommended putting her down in October.

Gertie with her new BFF, Sarah.
Gertie with her BFF, Sarah.

Time continued to pass, Pablo became a huma-tarian (lost his taste for human flesh), Gertie proved the vet wrong by not only living, but thriving, and life went on at Run A Muck Ranch.

Last weekend I received a telephone call from the Mom of Pablo and Gertie, when they were Tuko and Cheyenne, before they were left at the McDonalds last year.

I’m going to keep the details vague because I don’t want to give false information, but according to the Mom, she found herself in dire circumstances and had to leave the state suddenly, causing her to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender Pablo and Gertie to The Humane Society.

The love of Pablo's life:  Marcy.  He likes his women wild.
The love of Pablo’s life: Marcy. He likes his women wild.

The man who abandoned the kids at the McDonalds was either a current or previous husband, got Pablo and Gertie out of the shelter at some point, and at some point later, abandoned them at the McDonalds.

For whatever reason, the man still had my phone number a year later, he and Mom re-connected in some form, he gave her my number, and she called me.

Gertie looooves furniture.
Gertie looooves furniture.

Life throws curve balls at people sometimes, and sometimes people have to make gut wrenching decisions.  In this case, Mom surrendering Gertie and Pablo to The Humane Society. The not knowing whether or not they made it out of the shelter alive, and if they did, were they OK…  from the sound of Mom’s voice, it was horrible.  She had been told many lies about the kids last year by the man who abandoned them.  She didn’t know what to think.

For her part, Mom informed me that, yes, Gertie lived with her for 10 years, but she was 2 when she was adopted, making her not 11 now, but 13.  From the sounds of it, Pablo was a velcro hound, constantly needing human contact, not the independent, “I’m too busy to cuddle right now” party animal he is now.  Most surprisingly, she said both Pablo and Gertie knew basic obedience commands.  When we attempted to get them to sit, Gertie couldn’t stop laughing and Pablo gave a look that was pretty clear in it’s meaning:  “I give the commands around here, not you!”.

When Pablo sits still, he likes to sit still on a person.
When Pablo sits still, he likes to sit still on a person.

The happy ending to all of this is that Mom now knows Gertie and Pablo are happy, healthy and most importantly, loved.

The sad ending is that since Mom now lives on the East Coast, she can only see them in photos, videos and stories posted here and to the Run A Muck Ranch Facebook page.  For that reason, I may post a little heavier about Gertie and Pablo.  Bear with me on that.  Getting Pablo to sit still long enough to get pictures that are more than blurs – that will be a trick.


16 thoughts on “Pablo and Gertie, Continued

  1. I think the article pretty much clarified that, (NAME REMOVED) . It stated she left the dogs at the Humane Society due to unfortunate circumstances when she moved. According to the article, her husband took the dogs out of the place she had left them, believing they would be cared for with hopes they’d find a good home. He abandoned them. Perhaps her circumstances have not yet improved where she can retrieve the dogs. It appears someone from Run A Muck personally spoke to her. That being the case, if it was the woman’s plan to simply abandon the dogs, wouldn’t you think the article would have reflected the woman in a negative way? Personally, I think it’s better to see the animals in a safe and happy environment rather than with someone who is unable to take care of them. For a true animal lover, a pet’s health and welfare should come before any owner’s sentiment.

    1. I removed the comment you responded to. It was pretty cold. Since your response identified the commenter, I edited your reply to remove the name. We have several mutual followers.

      Thank you for jumping in in defense of Mom. Some people are too quick to judge. No one knows the whole circumstances except Mom. All I can say is there was a lot of emotion in her voice when I told her Gertie and Pablo were OK. That’s got to count for something.

  2. I’m glad Pablo and Gertie are a run a muck kids now… I remember the post’s from last year and my keyboard is flooded again now… btw: you know a very good magic spell to get such a cute photo from Pablo :o)

    1. Photos of Pablo are just pure dumb luck, or when he happens to be sleeping. If he’s actually sitting still when awake, and he sees you coming with the camera, he puts on a face that can only be described as Don’t Beat Me!

  3. Great story………. so happy for the dogs…………….. so sad for their original owners. They will never know how much pleasure those two could have added to their lives. Thanks for taking care of them. 🙂

    1. Mom knew that. That’s probably why she’s been so haunted after having to make the difficult decision.

  4. Do the good work that Crazy and Crabby do long enough, and you learn not to judge. You’re just grateful that the dogs are safe and you’re blessed to be in a position to help them. Thank you for bringing Gertie and Pablo into your run-a-muck home.

    1. You’ve probably been doing this longer than us, and you are directly in the line of sight with owner surrenders. I bet you could tell many tales of regret and sadness over this issue.

      1. I’ve seen all sides of it. People who are heartbroken. People who could care less. Judgement doesn’t help the dogs. We want the door to be open so people – who feel they have no other choice – can do the best thing for the dogs. And that is giving them a second chance at a next chapter and happy life. And that’s what you do. And I’m grateful for good people like you and Crabby.

  5. So happy Crabby brought both of them home and there’s two happy endings to what sounds like a tough prior life. And for the record, I’ll welcome any number of posts on both of them, heavy or otherwise. Even though Pablo has a devilish look on his face, that Gert has one of the sweetest faces around. Love that they both seemed to have adjusted well to their Run-a-Muck their home despite their tough past. 🙂
    P.S. Double gold stars for all your efforts. ☆☆

  6. It sounds like their past was only tough at the end with Mom and the man. Gertie, especially, was clearly loved. Pablo was tweaky at first so it was hard to tell. Transformation wise, Gertie had no problems adjusting. Pablo took a little time, preferring the company of the other dogs to new people at first. Now he just see us all, human and dog, as his minions. Everyone, human and dog, except Vito, has accepted their station in Pablo world.

  7. As you know, I had a similar(ish) thing happen a few months ago when the previous owner of my rescue dog contacted me, after I’d had Bertie for 4 years. I found the whole thing traumatic so well done you on how brilliantly you handled the situation. The first thing Bert’s previous owner said to me wasn’t “thanks so much for taking on my pet that I couldn’t care for” it was to tell me that I’d upset her. I’m so glad that, in your case, the previous owner at least appreciates all the wonderful love and care you give the dogs. It must be such a weight off her mind to know they are happy x

    1. It’s a tough call sometimes. I try to give the benefit of a doubt in all ‘odd’ circumstances, all the while getting the antiseptic ready for the butt biting I might end up getting 🙂 Fortunately, all circumstances like this we have been exposed to have worked out positively.

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