Things Aren’t Always As They Appear….

What do you see here?


Gertie and Angus sharing a moment of comfortable closeness?




That happens to be the last available AC floor vent.

Hey, at least they share!


14 thoughts on “Things Aren’t Always As They Appear….

    1. It would be nice for us, and for our electric bill, if they would allow some of that cold air to get to the rest of the house sometimes.

    1. That they have no sympathy for me who has to work outside in the heat, well, I guess that goes without saying.

  1. Okay, if that’s not a life lesson, then I don’t know what is. How often do we form alliances of convenience and comfort, rather than for more nobler reasons of truth? (BTW, I just LOVE corgis!!) Thanks for the sweet pix!

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