A Homework Video

I’m having a blast with the fitness phase of the latest nutrition certification!  Instead of brain exploding studying and memorization to regurgitate on tests and quizzes, we have to do videos.

“Fitness” is more than being in shape.  It’s the definition of wellness, body and mind.  And of course, exercise is part of the equation.

The final exam for the first course will be to design a 2 week fitness plan for a dog, and then video it being implemented.  I initially chose Willy for 2 reasons:  First, he’s put on a little weight – much like his mom.  Second, research has shown that work can steady the troubled mind of a dog.

When Willy tried to bite me during the very first sit lesson, I decided to use Vito for my final instead…  but that doesn’t mean I gave up on Willy!

Look what we’ve accomplished in 6 days!  {Edit:  Reports are the video plays blurry when accessing from WordPress.  View it on You Tube for a clearer version.}

{Here’s hoping You Tube doesn’t delete my channel again!}

A little trivia for you:   The left heel position was set so that a hunter could control the dog with the left hand while handling his gun with the right.  I personally feel more comfortable, and can react faster, with the dog heeling on my right, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone 🙂

19 thoughts on “A Homework Video

    1. Don’t be too envious! I’ve been doing videos for a couple of years and they still look pretty crude!

  1. Bravo Willy and bravo you! great to see that waggy tail and obviously so keen to be kept thinking 🙂 video worked great on my WP…go figure 🙂 hugs Fozziemum

  2. Good job…both of you! And tell Willy to keep his chompers to himself! Not nice to try to bite the hand that feeds you, much less trains you. 🙂

    1. We use “obedience training” as a threat in this house. Willy wasn’t pleased, but he seems to have gotten over it.

  3. Willy is a quick study (without the biting thing though). I should only be so lucky to have Sam be that responsive. Sometimes he just looks at me as if I’d just spoken to him in Yugoslavian. 😉 Well done and kudos to you both.

    1. There’s no such language as Yugoslavian. It was tried one time-it was the owner’s manual for the Yugo. Never heard of that, I thought so. I wouldn’t have tried one of those cars either.

    2. If it makes you feel any better, Willy is not as ‘responsive’ when we’re leashed and working down the road. Not sure why off leash and moving fast trips his trigger better than slow and steady, but hey, whatever works! Eventually he’s do as well leashed in distractions.

    1. I like to think he was doing what I ‘told him to do’. Then again, we’re talking about Willy. This apparent cooperation could be part of a larger evil plan!

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