16 thoughts on “No One Told Us the Apocolypse was Nigh!

    1. Pity me: my Saturday properties are in or near the Scottsdale Air Park. I have to drive a 16 foot trailer through the TPC parking lot that is the traffic lanes of all streets surrounding the air park!

      1. That’s not bad. I have to go to S 3rd St in downtown to pick up my credentials on Sunday. That means parking the car for a while because after I pick them up, I take a bus to Glendale for THAT big event. After the football game and I’m through working, I take a bus back to Phoenix (I’ve heard rumors that it is so far South that they have penguins there), pick up my ScottieMobile and go to my igloo to be with my friends who include Nanuk of the North.

    2. I don’t think we’re getting too much Super Bowl traffic on the east side, but the TPC is always a challange! Last week Barret Jackson, now the TPC, the horse show will follow pretty quick – great fun to be had by all!

      1. You haven’t lived until you’ve done a regular football game in Glendale and left. At the same time, the “fans” from Phoenix Int’l Raceway who have been drinking beer all afternoon and watching 200 mph vehicles go around (and probably have a collision) meet the football “fans” who have been drinking beer all afternnon and watching 300 bodies collide. It’s enough to drive a bird to drink. The first year, there were six accidents on the 101 from Bethany Home to Bell Road. And they call a place where they keep animals “a zoo”.

      2. Wouldn’t it have been great if the powers that be considered the potential crowds, and therefore planned for the traffic, when building out the area?!?!

        Turns out, the TCP traffic was freakishly light today. Go me!

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