There’s Something in the Hay!

We’ve converted Hal and Charlie into free range horses.  Rather than turning them out in the arena, we just open their stall doors and let them wander where ever they want.  The back yard is fenced, why confine them to one section?

To further boost their ‘environmental enrichment’, and despite Hal’s issues with hay, from time to time we’re dropping a bale of bermuda hay (the less tasty kind) so the boys can get in touch with their herbivore roots.  They pick at it, but don’t dive in like they did when hay was their primary food source, and when they got alfalfa or timothy, the yummier kinds.


Why not?  I have the only horse who can't eat hay on a regular basis without getting digestive upset!  Thanks Hal!
Why not? I have the only horse who can’t eat hay on a regular basis without getting digestive upset! Thanks Hal!


Bermuda hay is very loose and messy, unlike alfalfa or timothy which hold together.  As loose at it is, and as relatively gentle as the horses seem to be with it, I couldn’t understand why it keeps ending up in a pile resembling what the grower had just cut down.

Tonight I found the answer.  It’s not the hay that’s the problem, it’s what’s in it.    It appears we have some sort of burrowing creature inhabiting our hay bales.





It appears we have an insect of some sort in the hay!




15 thoughts on “There’s Something in the Hay!

    1. What was more hysterical was the battle going on just before the pic was taken: Hector and DASH! battling for control of the hay pile. Obviously DASH! won this battle:)

  1. Dang the most feared equine nemesis the haydog…I am so glad we don’t have them here hahahaa…mind you the sheep are getting a might fussy with their feed..why not make life difficult…urghhh hahahhah 🙂 great pic and Hal is beautiful 🙂 hugs fozziemum xx

    1. Hal is a looker, and so is Charlie. But with all lookers, they come with baggage -Hal’s is systemic, Charlie’s is mental. Sigh… Is normal too much to ask????

      PS: LOVING Bashful’s adventures!

      1. Sadly yes..i did ask Santa for Normal this far Bupkiss! and thankyou Bashful is having a blast….wait till you see how he ramps it up a bit….hahaah 🙂 xx

    1. DASH! buried himself in the pile again this morning. He wasn’t pleased when I turned the horses out and Charlie moved in for a nibble. Then again, Charlie wasn’t pleased when DASH! scurried out of the pile either!

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