Sarah’s Something Special Day

Recently, we instituted mandatory Something Special Days.   Once a week, each dog is to be separated from The Hoard for 100% attention.  No cell phone, no distractions, just 100% attention focused on one dog.

Today was Sarah’s Something Special Day.

As an added bonus, she had both Crabby and me there to share it with her.

Does this look like a happy girl to you?



20 thoughts on “Sarah’s Something Special Day

    1. I heard some disturbing news on the radio about wildfires in your neck of the woods. Please stay safe.

      1. All good sweets..we have had steady rain and a drop in temps so a bit of a reprieve in our state..end of the week looks a bit nasty though…SA still has a battle poor buggers…damn horrid..we are ready to roll here as always in summer….urghhhh

    1. Sarah is a perpetually happy girl. She just doesn’t show it with the constant enthusiasm Hector does.

    1. We can’t read Easy’s blog when the dogs are around. It seems every day is Easy’s Something Special day!

    1. Actually, Sarah runs on friction energy. Every time she gets a good butt scratch she gets a rush of the happies immediately after. Just happens we caught this particular rush at the perfect time:)

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