Organization Run A Muck Ranch Style

Confession time:  When our Beloved Maudie was alive, and we *only* had 13 dogs, though I maintained control, I was hanging from a ledge by the tips of my fingers.

Maude is forever loved.
Maude is forever loved.

Then comes the summer of 2014 when Crabby brought home 2 more wayward mutts, which brought us to the insane number of 14 dogs.   While I might have been able to mentally swing the new #13, #14 was impossible.

With 13, if I were to be hit by a truck, mass chaos at Run A Muck Ranch would result since Crabby only had a rudimentary knowledge of how things worked.    If I were to be hit by a truck now, and with 14, 1 of them not being Maude, the authorities would find Crabby, arms hugging himself while rocking and uttering gibberish in a corner, having lost control of his mental faculties left alone with The Hoard in my absence.  But hey, there’s a reason men can’t be moms, so part of Crabby’s problem is the lack of the second X chromosome (or is it the presence of the Y?).

That said, even I have hit some bumps along the way with 14.   Remembering who gets fed what, who gets what extra on which day, who I walked yesterday… the list goes on. It’s all a blur.

We, and by we I mean Crabby, has found a solution to our mutual mental disabilities in connection with The Hoard:

I give you the Run A Muck Ranch Critter Care White Board.
I give you the Run A Muck Ranch Critter Care White Board.

As you can see, each beastie, including Charlie and Hal, have their own row.

The columns, so far, indicate who gets fed what on a daily basis, as well as who gets what addition to their food ration and on what day.

Columns as labeled so far .
Columns as labeled so far.

It’s still in its infancy stage, but already just knowing how to plan ahead on these few items is more than a little helpful to me.  Previous to The Hoard Board, and because the days grow together for me, I was winging it, not really knowing when I did what, other than the twice a day main food rations.

Just so you know, the SS column is not a reference to Nazi tendencies.  It stands for Something Special, and the numbers represent the weeks of the month.  Each dog must be separated from The Hoard, once a week, for an individual Something Special.  It may be a walk, visiting with a friend, or a drive to the gas station.  As long as it involves 1 dog and 1 parent, the box gets a check.  If for no other reason than guilt – let’s face it, if you were to poll our dogs, other than Marcy, any of them would vote others off The Ranch to reduce the dog to human ratio – seeing empty boxes will cause us to more actively seek out Something Special opportunities for all the dogs.

As far as Charlie and Hal, they, must have 2 check marks per week for the SS requirement to be fulfilled.  Sad but true, it’s harder to give extra attention to outside dwellers than those who live inside.


The often forgotten 2 of Run A Muck Ranch.
The often forgotten 2 of Run A Muck Ranch.


As you can see, there are many more columns yet to be labeled.
As you can see, there are many more columns yet to be labeled, more than can fit in the camera view finder. 

The Board is still a working draft.  There is much more to the workings of Run A Muck Ranch than feeding and Something Special Days with the beasties, pawed or hoofed.  We just haven’t figured out how to efficiently list them yet.

How sad is it that one has to design a white board just to keep up with the critters in residence?


Franky says "We love you, need you and appreciate you Mom!"
Franky says “We love you, need you and appreciate you Mom!”





14 thoughts on “Organization Run A Muck Ranch Style

  1. A work in progress that will evolve and develop over time. But this is one reason why I have kept a close watch on my Filofax – even in hospital it was important (to me) that it be kept up to date – the Board is much the same – only bigger.

    1. If not for the fact I would lose the Filofax as much as I lose my phone, I would be right there with you. Either way, old school is so much better than the newfangled techy devices!

    1. Not sure if or what we’re going to do with the magnet strips. The set up was a freebie and the magnets were part of the package. As far as vacations… the Nim Wits are on permanent vacation 🙂

  2. Efficient, organized, thoughtful…anything but sad. And lucky for them. Where would they be if not for you and Crabby? So let’s keep the truck talk to a minimum. 🙂

  3. you are absolutely amazing. The amount of work you put into caring for these furkids is immense and I am so grateful that you do it. Peace to you and all yours and I hope the New Year brings brilliant things for you all!!

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