Where’r We Goin?!

DASH! in route to his special DASH! and Mom only walk.
DASH! in route to his special DASH! and Mom only walk.  Sometimes I think it’s the ride and not the walk that he gets most excited about.  

Never forget that often times it’s not the destination, but the journey.  Whether it’s to the gas station or visiting with friends, no dog would pass up the opportunity to go for a ride.  Don’t waste opportunities.

12 thoughts on “Where’r We Goin?!

  1. I appreciate that my dogs are “strange” but I have never been able to take Chienne anywhere in the car – or anyone’s car for that matter. Chienne screams something terrible as soon as we put her in the car. Taking her for a check-up is a trial and a half. We have no idea how this should be so and even the Vet is at a loss to understand. Perhaps the noise of the engine may have a bad effect on her hearing – we just don’t know. So, as much as I would like to take her out for a drive – it’s not going to happen.

  2. I’m guessing his tail was going as well? Our dog used to love car rides, unless we passed Grandmas house which meant he was going to the vets which he hated. That was many years ago though, I still miss him though.

    1. That you remember his tail, and the memory of of what happened when he passed grandma’s house; remembering that probably give you a smile right now … such is a legacy of a dog. Never stop missing him. You are the luckiest person on the planet because he was yours.

  3. Kenzie, the Westie, used to love car rides. He hated it when we turned right onto New River Road-that meant the vet. He was all right when we turned left, until we exited 101 at 7th street. He knew that meant the groomer. At first, we had a groomer that did it in her trailer while in our driveway but she fired Kenzie. He used to squirt her in the face, the little pisser.

    1. DASH! was in the co-pilot seat because there’s no back seat in the Ford Ranger. Had it been the Waggin’ Wagon, he would have had to sit in the back. Well, not really. This particular walk was just DASH! and me, so I would have let him sit up front anyway. But, had it been a walk with multiple Beasties, they all would have been in the back!

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