A Shriek Out To Techies….

Just happened to notice all of the Run A Muck Ranch Videos are gone from YouTube.

My account has been TERMINATED!!!

Not thinking whimsical dog videos are the stuff of “inappropriate content”.

I’ve reached out to YouTube, but will be expecting a boiler plate answer that doesn’t tell me how to get my videos back.

Any techie out there available to tell me if there’s a way to fix this? We thought the net was the safest place to keep the videos – that they may be gone forever is …. freaking me out.

21 thoughts on “A Shriek Out To Techies….

  1. Recently, Facebook terminated pet accounts. I checked on Kyla’s videos and they’re there. Since Google runs Youtube and competes with Facebook, I don’t think they’d do that also. It is some glitch, and I think Google should work with you to eliminate any possible black eye. A word to the wise-have your stuff on backup that you can hold in your hand. If it is important, don’t trust it with someone else. You’d be surprised what a SD disk or USB stick will hold. The prices have come down to the point where they’re economical and cheap insurance. I may not be as technical as Kyla was, but if you need help, you know how to reach me-hell, you even know where I live.

      1. It’s 3 years worth of videos. As luck would have it, the PC memory is nearly full so I’ve been deleting old raw and produced videos, under the false belief they were safe on the net 😦

        Haven’t gone through what’s left of the raw videos to see what can be salvaged.

    1. I’m so compootr iliterit it’s a wonder I can even use YouTube! I once had a FB page for my peacock mantis shrimp, Steve (Momma still misses you big guy!), and FB terminated him because he wasn’t a ‘real person’. There weren’t any inappropriate posts or material, just a day in the life of Steve. Such is…

  2. Oh no and I am so sorry they terminated your you tube videos. I would be willing to pay a small amt. to watch you tube videos without the advertisers messing them up.

    1. Crabby wondered once if we installed security cameras around The Ranch and set it up for live feed, would people subscribe. I liked the idea only if we could simultaneously stream my telephone number to call in case someone saw a dangerous situation or a problem with one or more of the kids when we weren’t here (me and my phone are stupid, and I work out of my truck, no I-Net access during the day.) We ended up nixing the idea for fear someone might wander out in front of a camera naked by accident.

  3. I would love to offer some help but I am the person who once spent half an hour looking for a blue power chord with an adapter at one end because I didn’t realised the grey power chord was the exact same thing!!

    1. Yup, all is lost. No explanation given 😦 No more Run A Muck Ranch videos anywhere.

      I’m going to try to reconstruct some with the raw footage I have left, but will be using another video site to upload them to.

      1. We’ve come up with the theory that perhaps in the sweep to remove potential terrorist sites, Willy got flagged. He could be a Talliban spy dog after all and he could have trained the other dogs in some kind of weird body language code to transmit subversive messages to the enemy. Fortunately for all of us our Department of Homeland Security was able to thwart Willy’s evil plan and delete our YouTube videos!

        Obviously we at Run A Muck Ranch need to get out more lest our imaginations get the best of us:)

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