Kyla. Jalisco, Mexico July 26, 2002-Anthem, Arizona December 17, 2014

We lost a friend today. I was one of the fortunate ones who met Kyla in person. I wish I got to know her better.

For anyone planting a garden, please plant extra green beans in Kyla’s honor.



Kaci here with Kali at my side. In Christmas season, there’s a lot of getting and receiving gifts. December 2002, we received a gift from heaven. Today, we had to give her back. In September, we learned that Kyla’s melanoma spread and she had 1 to 6 months left with 3 being most likely. It was three months. For those 3 months, Kyla was pampered-anything for Kyla. Earlier last week, she started going poo in the house even though she had access to the dog run 24/7. We could have lived with that. She also started to not eat her apple that was on top of her food. She was on a pain med that had a side effect of hunger and normally Kyla was very food driven and perpetually hungry so a refusal to eat something was serious. Last Wednesday, the wheezing started when she inhaled. The peeps made…

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5 thoughts on “Kyla. Jalisco, Mexico July 26, 2002-Anthem, Arizona December 17, 2014

  1. Kyla was in love with DASH! Right? I always loved to read her comments, the blog won’t be the same with out them. Prayers for her family.

  2. We love you guys-Kyla was upset that she was not in shape to go on an excursion with you. Kali does love DASH! It will be a little while, we’re naturally upset but it won’t take too much time because Kyla wouldn’t want it that way.

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