Crabby Puts His Foot Down on Another Rescue

An innocent creature in need presented himself in our driveway this evening and I’m ashamed to say Crabby strongly refused to offer refuge to this latest wayward soul.










Poor little guy, it's December but it hasn't gotten cold.
Poor little guy, it’s December and he’s still out in the big bad world.


The unseasonably warm weather is confusing the snakes.  The temperatures are keeping them awake, but it isn’t warm enough for them to move around at peak snake speed, making them easy pickings for predators and heartless humans.   Additionally, if the weather does decide to turn cold, the snakes above ground will die.   This little guy was very slow, probably on the gravel trying to get warm.


He was too heat deprived to defend himself.
He was too heat deprived to defend himself.


My original intent, given 1 very cold night could kill him, was to see if we had a ‘habitat’ to put him in, inside the house, where he could be safe from the elements, at least until it was safe to release him – sometime in the spring.

But Crabby is mean, and locked the gates of Run A Muck Ranch against the critter (and me, lest I try to smuggle the little guy in the house).

In the end, I moved the little snake to a shrub that I hoped would provide at least some comfort in his time of need.


Slowly inching under a jojoba bush.
Slowly inching under a jojoba bush.


After a thorough frisking to insure I wasn’t smuggling in anything slithery, Crabby allowed me back in the house.

Bummer is, the little snake looked like a Larry to me.  As you know, I really want a Larry.

15 thoughts on “Crabby Puts His Foot Down on Another Rescue

      1. I find that if I’m kind to snakes overall, they have a tendency not to bite me at work 🙂 There’s method behind the madness!

    1. I blame global warming, more particularly the part caused by humans, of which I am one, which means it was me that caused the weather to be wonky and it was my duty to keep the critter safe… not that I over thought it at all…

    1. A few baby lizards have made their way inside the house (don’t tell Crabby)! T’would have been nice if they could have handled any insect control needs that might arise, but alas, 14 dogs and baby lizards are relationships that don’t last. I feared also for a breach in an aquarium cover if we did have an aquarium to put the snake in.

    1. Chuckle, there are no such things as bark or mulch here on the desert. There was an ok debris layer under the joboba, but it was pretty flimsy.

  1. Boo, hissssssss, Crabby. 🙂 You’ll probably be overrun with spiders or whatever those creepy crawling things eat now! If there’s a rock near that bush that faces the sunlight, it might keep him warm enough until such time as his clock synced up to hibernate. Given the opportunity to sleep for months on end, I’d definitely be sawing logs but that’s just me.

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