A Call to Action, Not Dog Related

I happened to have an early work day today, and decided to come home and veg out on the couch while watching TV.  We have Netflix, and highlighted on the menu was a Netflix original movie, Virunga.  The description was of a documentary depicting the life of rangers in the Virunga Park, Congo, with an emphasis on the protection of mountain gorillas.    Who doesn’t love gorillas, right?

You have to watch it. You have to sit through every second of it. If you don’t have Netflix, sign up for the free month, watch the movie, then cancel your subscription.  It’s worth it.  Trust me.



Virunga isn’t a story of a group of rangers trying to protect a park and it’s mountain gorillas.  It’s a story of what we, the citizens of the world, have allowed to happen, over and over,  due to our apathy.

SOCO is a UK problem – and I implore any UK followers to join any call to action against this greedy corporation.

For the US followers:  Walmart, the Koch brothers, pretty much any politician, and the list goes on – your well being isn’t even on their radar.  It’s all about money and power.  As long as you are good sheep and do what you’re told, getting all excited about the possibility of saving pennies, they’re very happy making billions.

Stop being sheep.  Be aware of how the top earners make their money and what sacrifices others have to make in order for that to happen.


7 thoughts on “A Call to Action, Not Dog Related

  1. See this is what I have been trying to get across to my family,the politicians and big business could care less about us or anything else especially a mere animal,as long as there making money nothing else matters! But nobody listens! Makes me so mad!

    1. Do you have the ability to watch the movie? Find a way.

      I know it’s supposed to be about the struggle to save the gorillas, but it came across to me as an expose on the loss of humanity – not specifically Congo, but the world.

      There were 3 people in that movie who raise the bar to aspire to: Rodrigue Mugaruka Katembo, Emmanuel de Merode and Andre Bauma.

  2. I hope so much that we can force the DR Kongo to remove the oil license to protect one of the rare paradises of our earth. I signed the petition at WWF once and I hope we will win that fight against greed of gain and unscrupulousness…

    1. Research gives conflicting information on the current status. SOCO says they are out as of 8/14, but the movie tour implies the fight is still on. WWF said they helped win the fight, but de Merode, in an interview said there was a separation of WWF to the Virunga cause due to a difference in philosophies. Not quite sure what’s going on, but they’re still heros in my book!

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