It wasn’t fair that Pablo didn’t get to out on Sunday Family Desert Walks.  Shy of fitting him with 50 pound weights, we weren’t sure how to slow him down in the wilderness, and if he got away from us, he would be gone for good.

We eventually relented, tightening his collar, putting him on a long line and clipping the line to my person.  The clip is a safeguard, insuring Pablo is safely attached to me in the event I become incapacitated for any reason.

Though Pablo does enjoy the walks, actually, they’re more like sled dog training sessions for the amount he pulls, sometimes he gets a little frustrated and, for lack of a better word, explodes.

I wish I had the video recorder for this morning’s episode, but all I had was the still camera.  It was enough to get the pre-explosion, however 🙂


Release me you $%##!! human!!!!
Release me you $%##!! human!!!!



12 thoughts on “Pre-Explosion

    1. There’s probably Chi in him.

      The rest of the dogs are off leash for these walks. Pablo isn’t even a possibility for off leash. He’s only been with us since June . Who knows, maybe he’ll settle down by next year’s Sunday Family Desert Walk season!

    1. All of the other dogs through the years, with the exception of Willy, have been off leash pretty quick.

      It took Willy nearly a year, but even now, I carry a leash just in case he’s in a mood to buck authority.

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