More Fun Times at the Waterhole

Franky (left), Morty (top) and Slugger (bottom) on Sunday Family Desert Walk this morning.  We took Franky hoping he could keep the walk respectable.  Things don’t always work out as we would hope 🙂


Note Franky's look of pure disgust at the shemanegans.
What do you think was going through Franky’s mind at that particular moment?




22 thoughts on “More Fun Times at the Waterhole

  1. Well, if he was British I would say he was trying to revive the old game where boys jumped over each other. One of the many games we played as kids when we used to do radical things like go outside and play :o) — with other kids even…

    1. Franky is probably wondering why we punished him by taking him out with The Idiot Group instead of the Popcorn (little, bouncy dog) Group!

  2. I think that was his under dog impression, do you remember the cartoon what back, up up and away have no fear underdog is here! Oops maybe I’m dating myself o we’ll give him a cape and he’s got it down!

    1. That was me with the underdog reply, forgot to put my name on it. See not very good at this but it’s fun, I enjoy your blog, there are so many similarities between your 12 and my 12 it’s nice to know I’m not the only crazy dog lady out there!

      1. Umm… we have 14!

        Gertie went over to visit with your sister this evening. She may do some day visits without me. If that happens, I think we can say 13.9 🙂

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