Because I Never Pass Up a Chance to humiliate one of my kids

My computer memory runneth over and I’m going through old stuff to see what I can delete.

I completely forgot about this little incident, recorded on Christmas day 2013, a day or two after the baby gate was installed between the kitchen and back hallway.

Vito was convinced crossing the floor bar would result in his immediate demise.  It took nearly a week before he would go from kitchen to hallway, or the reverse, on his own.



Despite this chink in his armor, we still hold Vito up as our Lord and Protector.



6 thoughts on “Because I Never Pass Up a Chance to humiliate one of my kids

    1. Did you like the little tremble in the beginning before I tried to lure him with treats? It seems his ears got significantly larger when he didn’t have the treats to distract him.

  1. Vito! That’s terrible. You always have to examine the kitchen-something might have dropped even if no human was there. And not to come for food-I don’t understand.

    1. To be fair, he did actually come for food, twice. Though why he backed up behind the terrifying floor bar – also twice, remains a mystery.

  2. Oh sweet Vito! Bless your heart honey…My favorite part of this video is the tail wagging…Love seeing happy happy doggies!!!! The best dog mom award goes to you!!!!

    1. Chuckle… it was terrified doggie until I brought out the treats. Even with treats, he was still scared doggie. Fortunately, a few days later, he realized the floor bar would not be the tool of his destruction, and he learned to ignore it.

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