Bad News About Gertie

In the furtherance of acting on my ‘irrational hunch” I shaved Gertie again.  This haircut is only marginally better than last time.    You will not be seeing her in her long, flowing locks anytime soon.  That’s pretty bad news if you ask me!

I shaved her again.  Sorry about the bad lighting, but you get the gist.
Sorry about the bad lighting, but you get the gist.  How long can one dog be forced to sport bad hair cuts????
Though my dog grooming skills has not improved, Gertie doesn't seem to mind.
Though my dog grooming skills have not improved, Gertie doesn’t seem to mind.

Gertie is giving us all indications that she swallowed a bad lizard or something over the weekend.  She is bouncy (for Gertie that is) and eating fine.

Right now, this very moment, I am significantly peeved about the vet visit on Sunday.  Had I followed directions to the letter, we would have had an ultrasound and lab fees, not including a biopsy if one was needed, in the range of $750 – $800 total.   Let’s not even go to the place where the “C” word was repeated and the possible need to euthanize discussed.    I can’t help but wonder if others, in the same position, given the same dismal prognosis, would have put their dog down!

All bitterness aside, there were some anomalies I alluded to, said anomalies I wouldn’t have known about had I not gone to the vet that day.   I’m still working on an irrational hunch concerning those issues as, though not as serious as the “C” word, they can effect quality of life.

I’m going to try to get copies of the x-rays to post to see if anyone else sees what I saw, what I will call Anomaly #1.  I will discuss Anomalies #2, 3 and 4 if I see changes in Gertie based on my “irrational hunch”.   No point in saying anything now as it could very well be I’ve just got too much on my plate and the brain isn’t functioning properly.

As you can see from Gertie’s expression in the pics, she’s perfectly content with her quality of life right now 🙂  Let’s see how she feels about it after the bath she’s going to get in a few minutes.

13 thoughts on “Bad News About Gertie

  1. The grooming job may be poor, but it’s nothing compared to the purple dye job 🙂
    I’m still doing my thing-taking curcuman and MRS from mushrooms in a natural attempt to make be better or at the least go downhill slower. They’ve decided that there’s going to be no radiation or chemo for me
    POTP for her.

    1. Purple does suit Gertie, doesn’t it?

      Your parents are very wise. Our Otis got his diagnosis when he was 9. We biopsied twice to be sure. Given the average life expectancy of a pit bull vs. the amount of time treatment would have given us (divided by the side effects of treatment) we opted to decline treatment and increase at home spoiling.

      Can you believe it? Otis lived to be 13! May you too defy the odds!

  2. Paws crossed that all is good. Until you mentioned the haircuts, the only thing I notice is that adorable face! Gertie is a real looker and definitely has that pawsome model’s face. 🙂 I’ll bet she was quite the strutter in her day.

    1. I’ve grown pretty attached to that face, personally 🙂 Especially since it started to become her normal face. I’ve always thought she was sad not getting the attention befitting an old lady, but for all we know, what we give her is more than she had. Lord knows she has become queen of the couch and is now eyeing the people bed as her next conquest…

      1. Just what you need another dog wanting on the bed. Sometimes I wonder how you and Crabby have any room.

      2. umm… well… Crabby’s back problems have him often moving to a camping mat on the floor (better for the back).

        I’d love to be the alien from outer space using x-ray vision on our house on those nights – dogs spread out comfortably on the bed, me dangling off one side or the other, or squashed against the head or foot board, and Crabby sleeping on the floor…

        It ain’t right!

  3. Oh no…. Ok put up the film (or email it to me). I’ve been down this road and well, I still can’t talk about it. Give Gertie hell while you still can, she loves it. I mean what dog in its right mind would be smiling after that shave? lol

    1. First I have to convince the vet to give me the x-rays. tis proving problematic…

      As far as the shave, I think Ms. GG actually likes living in short hair. We’ll have to take her out and get her some sweaters so the cold doesn’t bother her through the winter.

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