Product Review: ToeGrips for Dogs

I saw a Facebook Share about Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for Dogs and immediately thought of Sarah and Gertie.  Ours are Pergo floors and traction can be an issue sometimes.

ToeGrips, pursuant to The ToeGrips Web Page, “are the only product on the market that use dogs’ natural bio-mechanics, by providing traction through their toenails.”  I will admit, they did work, however…

Image from
Image from

I measured twice, Sarah and Gertie’s Toenails, all front and back paws, not just one front and back per the sizing instructions, wearing readers mind you, since sizing was to the millimeter, and carefully documented the measurements.  3 toe nails on Sarah, and 2 on Gertie did not fall within the range of Extra Large sizing with the rest of the nails.  Having not used this product before, I was reluctant to buy 4 different sizes at $29.95 each.  I figured if the properly sized ToeGrips stayed on, long enough to be cost-effective, I could make the correction on the next order.   I really wanted them to work, for Sarah especially.

I paid my $29.95 each, plus shipping, for 2 packages of  XL ToeGrips.

Sarah had her ToeGrips ‘installed’ on August 20.  I started by applying the ToeGrips to Sarah’s ‘good’ front paw.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how they would stay on. They weren’t loose, just flimsy.   Sarah’s nails were at the appropriate length, and when I compared her toes to the photos of properly applied ToeGrips, Sarah’s looked the same.

Image taken from
Image taken from  This is the one I compared Sarah’s feet to.

Thinking I may have mis-measured, I re-measured the paw I was working on.  My measurements were accurate to the sizing.  The application instructions said that if a dog drags his or her feet, the ToeGrips would have to be superglued on.  Instead of gluing just Sarah’s dragging paw, I glued them all.

Yes, Sarah walked better.  She jumped on the couch better.  She got off the couch easier. Problem is, the ToeGrips started falling off on day 6 after application.  I re-applied the ‘extra’ 4 in the package as needed.  By September 8, all 20 ToeGrips were gone.  Despite being glued, despite all but 3 being spot on for sizing measurements, they came off.  Actually, the 2 which held on the longest were on toes which, pursuant to the sizing chart, should have been sized XXL.

Gertie’s ToeGrips were applied on August 23. I needed that long to get my fingers unstuck from gluing Sarah’s!  Noticing Sarah’s ToeGrips rubbing at the underside of the toenails (contact with ground), I left Gertie’s nails a little bit longer.

Guinea Dog Gertie.  Playing in the water did not accelerate the loss of her Toe Grips.
Guinea Dog Gertie. Playing in the water did not accelerate the loss of her ToeGrips.

Again, a test paw, unglued, did not look very stable, so, like with Sarah, I glued Gertie’s on.  Her ToeGrips didn’t start falling off until the second week.  Again, I re-applied with the 4 extras as the old ones were lost.  Gertie still had one Toe Grip on at supper time on September 17, but it fell off sometime during our evening walk.   We didn’t see a difference in Gertie’s mobility with the ToeGrips, which may have been due to the fact her nails were longer.

Sarah may be wobbly, but she can still chase a rabbit in our 1/2 acre back yard.  That said, most of her life revolves around the north arm of the couch and her food bowl.  She doesn’t have a lot of ambition aside from that.  Sarah didn’t go for a desert walk until 2 weeks ago, but by then, most of the ToeGrips had already fallen off. She returned from that walk with all remaining ToeGrips still on.

In Gertie’s case, our evening walks are on pretty level grounds, but the roads  or shoulders of roads are gravel.  Only recently has Gert Gone Wild and occasionally breaks into a lope, way outside her usual putter gait.

Given the activity levels, Gertie getting more exercise than Sarah, I would have thought Sarah’s ToeGrips would have lasted longer than Gertie’s. I think Gertie’s nails being longer, preventing so much contact with the underside of the ToeGrip with the ground, may have contributed to their longevity.  But remember,  we didn’t see any difference in Gertie’s movement on the Pergo floors.  This also may have been nail length related.

Guinea Dog Sarah in her natural habitat.  Emmi was on the north arm of the couch.  No problem, Sarah will just lay on top of her to get to her desired location!
Guinea Dog Sarah in her natural habitat. Emmi was on the north arm of the couch. No problem, Sarah will just lay on top of her to get to her desired location!

ToeGrips do come with a 60 day money back guarantee, however, it’s kind of hard to remove glued on ToeGrips, and unless you see one fall off, you can’t retrieve it.  I did hold out hope that perhaps the problem was application on my part, but out of 40 toes total.  you would think even the most moronic of Crazy Dog Ladies could have gotten one right, but not a single one, not even glued, stayed on for more than a few weeks.  I can’t believe user error would be the only possibility for the lack of longevity.  All I am left with is the one empty wrapper that Slugger didn’t eat.  Not thinking I can get my money back on that.

I’ve searched far and wide looking for any negative review for ToeGrips, but can’t find a single one.  Curiously, all reviews were written, and videos made, shortly after application.  I have attempted contact with several bloggers who reviewed the product, but none have responded back as to whether or not they still use it.  The latest I only found tonight.  If she responds, I’ll post the result of our communications in an edit.

I did notice that most of the bloggers reported ToeGrips falling off, but because they worked providing traction, the reviews remained positive.   I love Sarah and Gertie unconditionally, but I can’t afford $119.80 plus shipping per month required to get temporary relief with traction.  Remember, 5 toes did not align with the rest of the XL’s, I would need to buy 1 L, 2XL and 1 XXL to fit all nails.

If ToeGrips were $9.95 plus shipping, sign me up for automatic orders every month! I’ll keep gluing them on as they fall off!   But at $29.95, well, it’s not possible, at least for the 99% of us who don’t hold most of our nation’s wealth.

The idea of ToeGrips is a great one and I truly wanted them to work, especially for our Sarah, but I think the product was released to the market long before it was properly tested and designed.   It is seriously overpriced given not even Superglue and a couch-melded pit bull can keep them on.  If cost is no issue, and you don’t mind constantly re-applying them, go ahead!  They do help with traction!   Otherwise, I’d say wait a few years until the product is improved or a better one comes out.

34 thoughts on “Product Review: ToeGrips for Dogs

    1. Thank you for your article I was just considering buying these for my OB’s senior dog. I have hardwood floors and she is finding it hard to get up. But she does fine if I lay a yoga mat down where she’s walking she’s got traction and will get up. Yoga mat seems a lot less expensive than trying to buy these nail grippers every two weeks

  1. Wow! So glad you reviewed these! I had seen these as well. We just replaced our floors with hardwood and the pups are having some traction issues. With 4 pups and $29.95 a pop with the potential of coming off pretty quickly, does not sound like a deal we would pursue either. Thanks so much for the heads up! Happy Thursday!

    1. I’ve heard other reviewers say that if you message Dr. Buzby asking what size might fit your dog best if they’re in between sizes, she may send you a size for free. I only found that out after I bought 2 sizes unfortunately. 🙂

  2. I first thought : hey, great! but while reading I thought: it’s the same like the paw-pads we bought once for our huskies (same price and same results as at run a muck ranch). Let’s hope for a really good idea what really works :o)

  3. Hey, maybe in your ‘copious’ spare time you can re-design them so they actually work and make a boat-load of money selling them. How hard can it be? Oh wait, that’d mean available time for tinkering, huh? But you got to admit, It is a good idea. 🙂

    1. Yes, with my copious spare time I should be able to come up with something. Unfortunately, I use that time to sleep:)

  4. I can’t even begin to imagine the monthly costs on your ranch! But as for these, am I missing something? Aren’t they just mini rubber tubes cut down to size? Or is it special rubber? This is definitely one of those products that needs lots of reviews for you to commit to buy. I might be wrong. But I’m not convinced!

    1. Basically, yes, a rubber tube cut to size, but the rubber is somewhat grippy. I don’t know if the material itself was special made or if it was an off the shelf tubing cut down. It looked vaguely familar, but I can’t place where I’ve seen the material before.

      ToeGrips have a patent pending, not sure if it is for the tubing (if it is special made) or the use of the tubing.

      If it were more reasonably priced, as in, give me several feet for $29.95 (more than a month’s supply), I would say it was a great product.

  5. I have not tried this…but a friend if my swears by the use of Vet Wrap cut into tiny strips and applied with super glue….for $5 it might be worth a try… I tried the cat nail shields which work on the same principle, but includes emotional trauma and possible scarring. Lasted about 10 days lol Took me longer to heal up!!

      1. applying it to the nails 🙂 glue wrap to the nails, then wrapping around 2 or 3 times and gluing it down.

  6. Wow… I have used toegrips and didn’t have any of these issues.

    Did you ever contact their support? One of my clients had some issues, contacted support and found them to be very helpful and courteous. When they needed a larger size, the company offered to refund money AND send a larger size. Oh, they did want the original grips returned – so they could donate them to rescue.

    Dr Buzby has respond from time to time and provided excellent ideas and suggestions.

    1. My sincerest apologies that I never responded to your comment! It just came up in my notifications!

      Toe Grips contacted me offering to replace them. I instead referred them to my contact at a local senior rescue. A city use is probably more appropriate than a course, desert environ. I don’t remember specifics, but last I knew the rescue never got them. I’m not sure who didn’t follow up with who.

  7. Wow I just saw these last week and was going to buy some but then saw on the website that they are for senior dogs of for dogs rehabilitating NOT for fit healthy dogs so that put me off. It also stated on the website that they would last for 3 months so I would contact the consumer helpline and see if you can get a refund. Thanks for reviewing them honestly as as you say the reviews I have read were all positive nothing negative 🙂

    1. We have ‘unique’c conditions here at The Ranch: We don’t have a grassy yard and we certainly don’t have level sidewalks or roads. As I said in the review, it’s possible ToeGrips just weren’t made for ‘harsh environments’

      What problems is your dog having?

  8. I got online to re-order Toe Grips for my senior arthritic dog who also has neurological degeneration of her back legs, and this blog popped up in the search return. We’ve now been using them for months at our vet’s recommendation (who actually went to school with Dr. Buzbee). They are a LIFESAVER. As my dog aged, I was tearing more hair out in frustration over her inability to get around the house easily. We have hardwoods but also collect Persian carpets so very little of our floors are uncovered. Yet, after she would finish eating on a rubberized mat, she couldn’t even negotiate the three uncovered steps to the nearest area rug without splaying like a baby giraffe on ice. People, this dog had it bad – her hind paws wouldn’t even stay put on the concrete garage floor. The longer she stood, the further apart those back paws would slowly slide. With Toe Grips, none of you would think she had anything more wrong with her than a slightly lame front shoulder. They make all the difference in the world and I no longer have to help her negotiate any flooring.

    As for “active dogs”, she’s also in that stage where she has days when she thinks she’s 8 years old again and tries to sneak up the stairs (now forbidden), jump for a treat or chase after a squirrel while we’re walking. Yes, some of the Toe Grips do work their way off but I usually find them on the floor and put them right back on. We’re now more than four months into the first application of the original package and are now down to 16 of the original 20 (three are seemingly lost for good; Miss Insatiable ATE one before I could catch her!) I think that’s a pretty darn good track record and in the face of her routine vet bills, medicine, supplements and senior diet, the Toe Grips are but a blip on the spending chart. So, for the sake of the quality of your dog’s life, I urge you to try to make it work. Watch the videos on the site, talk to Customer Service, ask someone else who may be slightly more adept to put them on for you or get your vet to do it – mine told me she would do it for $10 if I felt more comfortable with that approach, but I’m a DIY’er.

    1. My apologies for not responding earlier! For some reason, I’m getting notifications now for comments made months ago!

      I don’t think you read the blog post…. read it. We’ve been dealing with Sarah’s traction issues for years, with laying out carpet runner trails all over the house being the best fix we’ve ever found. We DESPERATELY wanted Toe-grips to work. I watched the videos several times before ordering. I would call myself reasonably ‘adept’, to use your word. Even if I wasn’t, super glue should have caused at least 1 grip on at least 1 of the girls to stay on longer than 2 weeks but not 1 did.

      No need to worry about the sake of the quality of any of our dogs’ lives. We walk through fire for any and all of them.

  9. My rottie had 3 fall off within 24 hrs after gluing them on. They don’t seem to help with the sliding and I’ll be sending them back. I did order another product called pawfriction that I am eager to try. My dog is a 3 legged rottie who is 6. He just lost a leg due to cancer.

    1. I wonder if they’re just best for dogs in ‘civilized’ situations – our gravel and your tripod – not ‘normal’. Though we did see improvement in traction, we just couldn’t keep them on, even when they were glued. I really wished they had worked.

  10. I found your blog looking for reviews of toe grips, and I was bothered by the lack of negative reviews. I may go ahead and try the toe grips once to see if they’ll work, but I’m afraid that yours is probably the only honest review and that they won’t work out. But it’ll probably be worth the $30 to find out.

  11. Logan is now older and having traction problems on my tile floor. It was suggested to get yoga mats or try Toe Grips. Thought it would be good to try Toe Grips as it would most likely be more cost effective.

    I was pretty shocked to find that the were $29 per set. I did my measuring and it looked as though Logan would need at least two sizes and reluctantly went ahead and placed the order. I ended up just ordering one pack to try.

    His nails are a little longer but installed them right after they were trimmed. I opted not to glue as I have a real issue with gluing my fingers together anyway, I can’t imagine trying it on his nails.

    After one day and a couple of walks, we’ve only lost one Toe Grip, but the cost is way to much for us. Seems as though these things are just made out of latex medical tubing. I like the idea but way too much money for such a product. I agree, $10 per pack, sign me up monthly. Thanks for your review.

  12. do any of you live in Canada? I would love to try these for my dog but they seem to be only in the USA? If so you must be paying 29.95 US. which would be much more in Canada!

  13. Hiya, I just moved into a house with all hardwood floors and my little guy has poor vision and poor traction so he’s constantly crawling across the floor in fear and is terrified of the stairs. I’m in a temporary rental so there’s not much I can do about changing the flooring or buying area rugs but I’m madly looking for a solution.
    I did come across a cheap alternative that I’m going to try. Might work well on dogs with bigger claws; I’m not sure about it working for my little fella. Anyway some folks are using those long balloons that you make animals out of. They buy a big pack at the dollar store, cut em down to claw size, and slip em on and apparently they work pretty well. I hope that maybe it’s a cheap solution for some of us. Here’s the video:

    PS I live in Canada, there is no way I’m paying that kind of money, I will search for a DIY fix!

  14. Tried the ToeGrips on our Bernese Mountain dog. They don’t work at all. No matter what, the ToeGrips will not touch the floor. Worthless product for a Bernese Mountain dog.

  15. Thank you so much – I googled reviews for these ToeGrips and your blog came up. I won’t be wasting my money on these.

  16. Thank you for your review. I’ve been looking into solutions and was looking at these toe grips. I found it terribly suspicious that I couldn’t find negative reviews. Their website of course only posts positive reviews. No product is without complaints. I couldn’t imagine how these would stay on. My dog is VERY good at getting anything off that he doesn’t want there. My dogs nails are a bit longer and I don’t see how these would help with grip when that part wouldn’t touch the ground. Thank you for confirming my concerns.

  17. I tried the toe grips recently for my old, arthritic dog. She has started dragging paws and falling down. Like you, I got out the dental floss and measured each nail on each foot and made careful notes. I didn’t see any negative reviews so I thought they will work for us for sure. Nope. I applied them exactly as was shown in the pictures. I even watched a video because I really wanted them to work. They did stay on! but it didn’t help her. she was slipping around just as usual. When I contacted them for a refund, they sent me this long email reply with a lot of questions about why they werent working. It was exhausting and I was already frustrated that they weren’t working. The email made me feel like if the toe grips weren’t working, it must be my failt. I guess they won, because I gave up. I ended up buying her some pairs of grippy socks from amazon and they work great. I wonder how many other people have been taken by the so called money back guarantee?

    1. What grippy socks did you try? I’ve tried a few but they still twist and are not very gripping.

  18. I’m so glad I read this blog! I’ve spent SO MUCH MONEY on various different dog boots, non-slip socks and am just so frustrated that NONE of them work!! My poor dog has been through so many trials and if I find anything that works, I’ll be first to share it! My mind is spinning with ideas because I’m an entrepreneur who loves to create solutions! I’m going to read through all these posts and hopefully find someone who maybe has a solution.

    NOTE to SHARE! After spending money on harnesses, I did find one that I do like! It’s sturdy, I feel that it’s a bit heavy on her, however, it works well! It’s called “Help em up”

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