Still Kicking

Once again our little piece of the world has been spotlighted on the national, and apparently this time international, news.

Fear not Run A Muck Ranch fans, though Phoenix experienced a record rainfall in a single event, it did not wash south to merge with Tuscon.

The wash in the back yard is a little deeper and a few tree limbs came down, but the dogs are fine and the tarp covering the roof leak is still doing its thing, so all in all, it was a good storm!

Emergency Declared in Arizona Amid Incredible Rain

Hopefully I’ll be able to make up the work I missed today due to the storm quick enough to get The Idiots out to the desert to play in some waterholes soon.   It’s always best when the mud is fresh and gooey.



21 thoughts on “Still Kicking

  1. Rain…still waiting for decent downfalls here..the dam is not looking real good for summer….the news tonight and all over the state rain hail wind…here wind…and more wind…three drops of rain…….Oy ….hugs Fozziemum xxx

    1. I feel for you, moving into summer. We’re pretty excited about the temps dropping here!

      As far as the rain, yesterday was the first really good one since 2012. They say we may actually get some to perc down into the aquafers!

    1. What they didn’t tell you is that that basketball net was probably in a retention basin, already several feet below ground level. There aren’t many storm drains here – the streets carry water. Giant basins were dug to handle overflows, and since we don’t get much rain, heck, throw in some tennis courts and basketball nets!

      I will say, I didn’t know some areas actually were several inches under water – enough to actually get into buildings – not a common event. Still, we’re just cosmetic. Pakistan and India, not so good right now…

      1. Rather than post this on your blog – doing it here: Really liking your 2 part live to work or work to live posts, but the brain is so not there to come up with anything intelligent to say! I’m sure after not so hard a day I will actually be able to say something intelligent 🙂

  2. Saw the last one on the news – didn’t see this one and I watched out for it. Little rain here just wind, more wind and 90kph wind, but no damage. Couple of power and light outages. but nothing major.

    1. I guess we’re just old news already!

      I feel bad for you going into summer now. We’re looking forward to cooler temps!

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